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A 106-Year-Old Breaks Another World Record On His Birthday For Being The Oldest Man To Get Down A Zip Line

As many of us were growing up, there were a number of crazy things we wanted to do. Some of us thought about or did things like race bikes down steep hills or try to fly off roofs with a bedsheet. If we really wanted to do it, nothing would stop us. We’d get injured and just keep going. Jack Reynolds shows us that does not stop with age.

Hailing from the country of England, Reynolds is an astounding 106 years old and seems to be as healthy as an ox. The man has done and continues to participate in activities many people half his age wouldn’t imagine doing. Since 2014, the man has been setting world records that have been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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On his 104th birthday, the man became the oldest person known to be given a tattoo. The following year on his 105th birthday, he decided to become the oldest person to ride a rollercoaster.

Although Jack uses a wheelchair for most of his mobility needs didn’t let it stop him from taking a trip down a zip line. Located in the Grizedale Forest in England’s Lake District, it stands at a 196-feet tall and extends 1,312-feet. Not surprisingly, he sped down at a clocked 40mph.

The same adjudicator from Guinness, Mark McKinley, was with Jack Reynolds on this occasion as he was during the first two. Presenting the 106-year old man with the certificate, he said: “You never fail to impress.”

Asked about the new record her father had set, daughter Jane said she didn’t need comic books to look at superheroes. She had one raise her.

Jack Reynolds says he will continue to break records and use his fame to raise money for charity.

We learn from Mr. Reynolds, it’s important to find the joy in everything you do. Having no fear in what you dedicate yourself to may inspire others to do the same.

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