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Antarctica Breakfast – This Is What Cooking On -94ºF (-70ºC) Looks Like

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Many human settlements exist on the continent of Antarctica. A great number of them were established by different countries, each manned with its own research team. One place known as Concordia Station is so far removed from civilization that the International Space Station is in close proximity to it.

Antarctica is such an isolated and inhospitable place, it makes a person wonder where the interest lies. The general public may not understand but researchers from a variety of fields such as geophysics, human physiology, and glaciology have all taken an interest in conducting studies is the icy desert landscape.

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Glaciologist and Astrobiologist Cyprean Verseux does what he can to pass the time at Concordia Station. Thanks to a blog he runs in his free time, people all over the world can see what it takes to live day-to-day in Verseux’s shoes.

To humor himself, the scientist loves to take pictures of different foods affected by the freezing temperatures. In one shot a metal fork is lost to a tangle of noodles. In another, what looks to be gravy was frozen before it finished leaving the pan.

Perhaps the most interesting food image were two eggs that had become frozen to both their own shells and the pan they were being poured into.

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Taking pictures like this is a good way to pass the time, but it might not be a good idea. Concordia Station is not supplied very often.

From the start of February to November, there is no re-supply sent to the remote location. The group’s fresh food rations are usually gone by winter, leaving them with frozen foods that are usually stored in outside containers.

Verseux and his team’s work is extremely important, showing patterns of climate change from the past and helping give possible climate change predictions for the future.

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