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As This Bride Was Reciting Her Vows, She Told Her Groom’s Ex To Stand

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Nothing says love like a wedding day. You get to honor your love for each other with your friends and family. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s a stress-free day. Just think about creating the perfect wedding guest list. Creating a wedding guest list can be one of the most demanding aspects of preparing for the big day.

Also, inviting an ex-partner is one of the newlyweds big no-no. However, that wasn’t the case with Katie Musser, for a bride-to-be. Musser wanted to acknowledge the past on the happiest day of their life. Therefore, she invited her groom’s ex-partner and address the woman for an unconventional reason that left everyone speechless and in tears.

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20. The Wedding Day

When Katie and Jeremy stood at the altar to say big ‘I do’ everyone was expecting the typical and heartfelt addresses, but with this couple that wasn’t the case. When this 24-year-old bride began to speak, everyone realized that this is not going to be an average wedding ceremony.

No one knew until that moment that what Katie had planned for Jeremy’s ex-girlfriend. Everyone was shocked, especially that they knew the two had a bumpy road. This moment made their story go viral.

19. The Beginning

Before their story made headlines, Katie and Jeremy began their journey together under rather interesting circumstances. They met while they were on college and began dating in 2013.

It seemed that they were in heaven. They lived in love and believed that they were starting with a clean slate. But, it was so much far from the truth.

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18. One Of Them Had A Big Secret

There was something about Jeremy’s life that Katie had no idea about. And Jeremy decided not to share everything with her. But, a few weeks into their romance, he decided to reveal the truth that would impact their future life together.

What Jeremy shared with Katie left her speechless and repeatedly questioning her relationship for a while.

17. The Big Secret

It seemed that everything in their relationship went smoothly and the first six weeks were like they were in heaven. One night changed everything. Katie and Jeremy were texting from their homes when Jeremy said something that shocked Katie.

During this casual chatting, Jeremy discovered that he had a child – a son. Katie was speechless. The more she learned about her new boyfriend’s past, the more she was shocked.

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16. The Initial Shock

This was a big shock, and at first, Katie was quite. She was thinking about how it’s not often to meet someone in their early 20s, on a college, who has kids. She didn’t want to say anything that she would regret later, so she simply asked how old the boy was.

Katie believed that the kid was about two-years-old, meaning that Jeremy got a child while he was in his senior year. However, that was so far from the truth.

15. The Three Week Cut

Jeremy told her that his son’s name was Landon and that he was just three weeks old. Moreover, he was born on April 28, 2013. Katie couldn’t believe and instantly a million thoughts were running through her mind.

Katie knew Jeremy for six weeks and he had a three weeks old son. That meant that he knew during the entire relationship about this and choose to stay silent. She didn’t know how to react and what to say.

14. The Big Moment

Such news is big for any relationship, especially for blossoming romance. Katie tried to calm herself as she thought of what to say to Jeremy in response.

Katie reacted by saying: “Omg that’s so exciting!” From that moment on, Katie started learning more about Jeremy’s son and on the mother of Jeremy’s con.

13. Jeremy’s Backstory

Jeremy told Katie that has a son with his ex-girlfriend, Casey Bender. Furthermore, he explained that their relationship ended before he even meet Katie. Although he and Casey were not together anymore, he is still a father.

Katie didn’t want to give up on Jeremy, but she later admitted that she struggled, constantly panicking, and overthinking if he may be hiding something else.

12. A Baby Changes Everything

Katie noticed that Jeremy was different after Landon was born. They were constantly fighting. It seemed that co-parenting came as a challenge both for Jeremy and his ex Casey.

Jeremy moved on and found new love, while his ex Casey suffered. She was hurt, upset, and alone. Naturally, the two women did not get along. Basically, things went from bad to worse.

11. Endless Differences

For no specific reason, Katie and Casey just couldn’t get along. The two women had presumptions about each other and they couldn’t make it work.

Although the two women couldn’t have a mutual language for a long period, there was one thing that could bring them together. One common interest – Landon.

10. One Common Interest

Both, Casey and Katie had a big role’s in the baby’s life, although the roles were different. Katie loved Landon from day one, no matter how she felt toward Landon’s mother. She deeply loved the child.

Of course, for Casey Landon was a top priority as well. So, Landon was the main reason why Katie decided one day to change her acting toward Casey.

9. A Bold Gesture

Just before Landon turned one, Katie decided that she wants to be a good example for Landon and remove the toxicity from her life. So, she asked Jeremy for Casey’s number.

Casey was reluctant to this gesture at first, but ultimately she agreed. Therefore, the two finally spoke woman to woman. The discussion went in a direction neither of them had expected.

8. Heart To Heart Talk

It wasn’t easy for two women to speak about everything that was on their mind. Luckily, they had a great first topic – Landon. So, as time passed, the conversation between Casey and Katie progressed in a direction neither of them expected.

They started bonding on so many levels because of Landon. Furthermore, they realized that they had a lot in common. At that moment they realized that it would be able, for them, to co-parent regularly.

7. The New Trouble

Both Casey and Katie worked on their relationship and they even organized ‘mommy dates’ and talked about everything. However, when Casey married a man named Tyler in 2015, almost everything went down the hill again.

Tyler and Jeremy couldn’t forget the past and all two women could do was to hope that their husbands will find a way to get along. Then, one night changed everything.

6. Not Just Another Message

Jeremy decided to text Tyler one night. He thanked him for being there for Landon and for being a good figure in Landon’s life. Moreover, he made one more gesture.

Jeremy invited Tyler for a drink. However, the two had respect toward each other, but they just couldn’t connect like their partners. Therefore, they didn’t make additional plans. With that in mind, what happened at the wedding was all the more unexpected.

5. The Big Question

Jeremy and Katie become engaged and they schedule their wedding for September 20, 2014. Katie was ecstatic that she will have a family of her own, but she was still struggling with her vows. Simple, something was missing.

However, she did realize what was missing and she decided to make a secret plan that will be raveled on the big day. Soon, after, she started thinking is she should go with her plan. What would people think? Will they understand? What would they say?

4. The Wedding Day

The big day arrived and everyone was more than excited, especially Katie. When the time to exchange their vows came, Katie wanted to be the first. She told no one what she was about to do.

At that moment, the wedding officiant called for Jeremy’s ex, Casey, and her husband, Tyler to stand. Katie took the microphone and began to address Casey and her husband, by saying: “First I want to thank you for accepting me as your friend and allowing me to be a part of Landon’s life.”

3. Sweet Promise

“I promise to be an amazing mother to your son. I will guide, teach and love him every single day,” she added. “I promise to respect, work, listen and communicate together as co-parents. I love you guys no matter what comes our way. We are one family, always.” She then turned to Landon.

At the time Landon was four-years-old and he got his first ‘vow’. Katie told him“I promise to stand by you, listen to you and love you every day. I promise to love your daddy with all my heart.” The entire wedding ceremony was crying. In the end, she told her vows to Jeremy. After the ceremony, she discovered the reasons for her bold actions.

2. The Beat Of Her Heart

Katie said that it was all for Landon, the little guy who changed their lives by improving them. Katie also admired her bond with Casey. One year later this story went viral when Katie wrote about it on her Facebook post. So, where are they today?

Today, Katie and Casey are still great friends. Couples live three hours apart but they manage perfectly. Casey has since had another child. Katie and Jeremy are expecting.

1. The Happily Ever After

Tyler and Jeremy finally got that drink on Tyler’s initiation. Landon loves spending time with his dad and Katie and decorating Halloween pumpkins with the help of the family kitty.

Katie’s story continues to inspire those who read and hear about it. The main reason why this story went viral, was because of the positive awareness about and insight into ‘blended families’.

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