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This Bridge In Dunbar, Scotland Seems Like It’s Going Nowhere

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Source: Jake Cook

A great deal of monuments exist all over the world. Some are wondrous works of art and others are just downright strange. Environmental changes are always a factor in choosing the size and location of your creation. The continent of Europe indeed has some of the strangest monuments in existence.

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When you see pictures of the Bridge to Nowhere, you might think someone spent time super-imposing a bridge onto a huge body of water.

The structure is located on The Biel Water, a small river that flows through the middle of Biel, a village south of Dunbar, Scotland. The river itself runs on for nearly 3 miles. It also connects Luggate Burn at the beginning to the Belhaven Bay at its end.

Either the bridge or the river can be seen as the landmark of Biel. The bridge attracts both locals and tourists from various countries. During low tide, visitors take to crossing over the pedestrian bridge to gain access to the Belhaven Bay Beach.

In addition to being able to get to the beach, those who stay for low tide are graced with the vibrant colors of a sunset. This is seen by many people as a perfect time of day for photography.

During high tide, crossing the bridge is nearly impossible. But that doesn’t stop daring tourists and locals from trying to make a trip across. In the colder months, the fog that rolls in adds to the mystery of the bridge.

Belhaven Beach Bay, located on one side of the bridge, is actually part of the John Muir Country Park. Founded in 1976, the nearly 2,000 acre park shelters a variety of 400 species of plants, butterflies, and birds.

The variety of flora and fauna in John Muir will make the journey to see the Bridge to Nowhere worth every second.

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