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30 Things You Didn’t Know About The British Royal Family

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Ok, this may surprise you, but the British Royal family is like any other ordinary family. They are just larger, richer, and more powerful. Because they are so unique, their habits, perks, burdensome obligations, and strict rules are kept away from the public eye.

Luckily, we have put together a list of 30 things you might not know about the world’s most famous family. From funny nicknames, mandatory blood bag while traveling, to board game night, you will be surprised just how much this family is similar to yours. Read on and discover just how ordinary they are.

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30. Queen Elizabeth II Married Her Cousin

Yes, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip are cousins, in a way. They share the same great-great-grandparents, making them third cousins. Surprisingly, the previously mentioned great-great-grandparents, Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, were first cousins.

Philip and Elizabeth married on 20 November 1947, and in 2017 they celebrated their platinum wedding. Now, they are together for more than 70 years.

29. Queen Elizabeth II Always Travel With Bags Of Blood

The Queen always travels with her royal Navy doctor and a bag of her blood. This is mandatory if she goes to a place where the blood supply is questionable.

The same applies to Prince of Wales, Queen’s son Charles. The future king always travels with a bag of his blood, and next to him, a Navy doctor.

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28. People Don’t Like Prince Charles

People have favorite royal members, and Prince Charles is not one of them. According to the latest pool, Prince of Wales is the least beloved royal family member.

Since Charles is the first one in line to be the next King, public opinion matters. However, it seems that people have a hard time forgiving him of his affair with Camilla.

27. The Family Filmed A Secret Documentary

The world’s famous family decided to share everyday life with the world. So, in June of 1969, a documentary was aired about the royal family. After that single projection, Queen Elizabeth and her advisors decided not to show that documentary again.

The reason for this was simple. They thought that showing the public the royals’ everyday obligation, movement, and life in general, could be too dangerous.

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26. They Always Travel With Black Outfit

No, this is not about fashion, but a necessity. Queen and the royals’ will always pack a black outfit in case tragedy strikes. When her father passed away, young Elizabeth was on tour in Kenya, and she had to wait onboard in Britain until a black dress arrived.

She didn’t pack a mourning outfit while planning a trip to Kenya. Now, royals always travel with something black.

25. The Queen Never Travels Alone

Whenever the Queen has to travel, specific preparation is required. She always goes with her doctor and an additional 34 people.

A private secretary is always with the Queen for any kind of work, a hairdresser, press officers, and even eight bodyguards, and more.

24. Kate Middleton Is The First Royal Bride With A Degree

It is not common for women of the royal world to have an official college degree. Moreover, women of the court have private tutors and a wide range of knowledge.

So, Kate’s degree in art history makes her the first woman with a degree in the royal family. Kate studied at the University of St. Andrews, together with Prince William.

23. No Crust For The Queen

It seems that old habits die hard. Or maybe this is a royal thing? Whatever the reason may be, one thing is for sure – Queen Elizabeth loves sandwiches.

However, sandwiches must be served without the crust every time. Reportedly, the Queen loves a tuna sandwich here and then. With the crust cut off, normally.

22. They Reply To Fan Mail

Royal family members are professionals pen pals. In one year, this family receives at least 100,000 letters from fans all around the world.

Surprisingly, they will answer every one of them. Just for their wedding, Kate and Willian received 60,000 letters. Every letter received a reply.

21. Prince William Was In Love With Cindy Craford

As a teenager, Prince Willian had a crush into famous supermodel Cindy Crawford. So, his mom, Princess Diana, decided to surprise him.

Who says that if your mom is a princess, she can’t embarrass you? Long story short, Diana tough it would be funny to invite Cindy to tea. Do you see any resemblance between Kate and Cindy?

20. The Queen Has 2 Birthdays

Being the queen comes with numerous perks. The most famous ruler even gets double presents for her birthdays. Yes, birthdays. Queen was born on April 21st, but her other birthday is typically in May or June.

Her official birthday is recognized in each Commonwealth country. Queen’s official birthday is always celebrated with Trooping of the Colour on the streets of London.

19. Prince Charles Dated Lady Di’s Older Sister

Yes, there is always some love drama in prominent families. However, this is something that the media doesn’t speak about.

When Diana and Charles first met, Diana was only 16 years old. At the time, Charles was dating her older sister.

18. Queen Elizabeth II Is The World’s Longest-Reigning Monarch

So far, Queen Elizabeth II spent 65 years of her life wearing a crown. She hit this colossal milestone just recently.

Being a Queen for so long makes her the world’s longest-reigning monarch. This comes as no surprise, considering the fact she was only 25 years old at the coronation.

17. They Don’t Need A Drivers Licence

You may have to be 16-years old to get your driving license, but for the royals’ that’s not the case. You must pass driving tests while they don’t.

Actually, this applies to reign monarchs only. They don’t need a drivers’ license or passport. You must admit, it would be silly to ask the Queen to show you her license. She could easily pull out some money and point to her face.

16. They Can’t Have Nicknames

It’s not allowed for the royal family to have nicknames. Naturally, they have them anyway. In public, royals’ must always address each other with their full names.

However, behind the rules of the closed-door are entirely different. It’s said that William and Kate love to call each other in their nicknames ‘Big Willie’ and ‘babykins.’ The queen’s nickname during her childhood was Lilibet.

15. They Work Hard To Save The Clan

Just a few decades ago, it was unthinkable for two royal to travel by the same plane. Therefore, they always moved separated, just in case.

In a case of a fatal accident, one heir would be alive, and in that way, the lineage was protected.

14. Kate Middleton Lived In Jordan

Kate Middleton’s dad worked for British Airways, so they had to move from time to time. So, when Kate was a toddler, her father received a new job opportunity, so the entire family moved to Jordan.

The Middle East was their home for two years before moving home to England in 1986.

13. The Royal Family Can Take Hostages

These hostages are treated well and with respect, because they represent the Parliament. This is more of a ceremonial tradition than a straight-up kidnapping. So, every time the Queen attends the State Opening of Parliament, a ‘hostage’ is taken.

This practice dates back from the days when the Parliament and the royals had an unsteady relationship. The hostage was the guarantee that the Queen will return safely to the Buckingham Palace.

12. Prince Harry Fought In Afghanistan

Although Prince Harry was a real rebellious teenager, he found some peace and stability at the Royal Military Academy, where he graduated. As a Second Lieutenant, he was sent on a secret mission to the frontlines of Afghanistan in 2008.

His tour was short because the media spotted the famous Prince, and he was sent home in 2012.

11. Seafood Is Off The Menu

As long as they are in the Palace, royals’ can eat whatever they want. They can just ask the royal chef to prepare them for the wildest food recipes.

However, once they step outside the Palace, they can’t eat seafood. Shellfish have a high chance of giving someone food sickness, so they prefer to remain healthy while traveling.

10. Queen Elizabeth Wasn’t Supposed To Be The Monarch

Unplanned things happen, even in the royal family. Initially, Queen Elizabeth II’s uncle King Edward VIII and his future descendants were the rightful heirs to the throne. However, unplanned happened.

Edward wasn’t allowed to marry a woman he loved because she wasn’t the royal persona, so he abdicated the throne in 1936. Automatically, Elizabeth’s father, King George, became king, and Elizabeth the heir.

9. They Love Africa

This family has a special connection with Africa. So many beautiful things happened to this family on this continent. Prince Harry claims that he feels himself when in Africa.

Prince William proposed Kate in Kenya, Meghan and Prince Harry fell in love in Botswana, while Queen Elizabeth II became queen while touring in Kenya.

8. They Don’t Use These Two Words

Royal family members don’t use words pardon and perfume. It’s still not clear why they dislike them, but they do. So, when they need clarification, they will use ‘sorry?’ or ‘what?’

In addition to ‘pardon,’ the royal family doesn’t allow the word ‘perfume.’ For perfume, they prefer ‘scent.’

7. Royal Boys Don’t Wear Pants Until They Are 8

No matter the time of the year, young boys, those who are not 8-years-old will wear shorts. It’s a tradition for young boys in the royal family.

Actually, an English tradition is that only older boys can wear pants. This tradition dates from the 16th century.

6. There’s A Good Reason The Queen Wears Bright Colors

The Queen loves bright suits. Actually, bold colors are her trademark, and there is a good reason for this. The Queen must be seen.

So, these colors are a useful and fast way to spot the queen first. No one can miss her in a crowd. This way, everyone can say, ‘I saw the Queen.’

5. They Technically Don’t Have A Last Name

Until 1917, members of the British royal family didn’t have an official last name. That all changed with King George V and his decision to change the family’s name to House of Windsor.

Since then, the Queen has given her direct descendants a more modern last name. Those who do not hold a royal highness, princess, or prince title go by Mountbatten-Windsor.

4. Kate Middleton Sits The Way Diana Did

You will never see any royal lady with her legs crossed at the knee. That’s not how they do things. Instead, their legs and knees should always be kept together.

Sitting with their ankles crossed is fine. That’s how Princess Diana used to sit and how Kate is seen sitting, as well.

3. The Queen Has A Sweet Tooth

Even the royals can sin from time to time. It’s recorded that the Queen has a sweet tooth. She has her tradition when it comes to dinner.

After a lavish royal dinner, Queen Elizabeth loves to have a chocolate. To be exact, dark chocolate.

2. Specially Marked Luggage

If anything, the royal family loves to keep it simple. So, while traveling on a private jet, there’s no need for a luggage tag. So, Majesty’s luggage tag is yellow, and it’s written ‘the Queen.’

Just in case the suitcase doesn’t get mixed with someone else’s. Each royal family member hets her or his color: Kate and the Queen have yellow, while Prince William and Prince Charles use red, Prince George takes blue, and Princess Anne opts for green.

1. They Have A Strange Christmas Tradition

The royal family members exchange gifts, over a cup of tea, on Christmas Eve. However, they compete who received the worst gift. One year, Prince Charles received from his sister, Princess Anne, a white leather toilet seat.

Once, Prince William gave his grandmother, the Queen, a hat that read ‘Ain’t life a bitch?’ This was epic, for sure.

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