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20 Budget Trips If You’re Broke And Want To Travel The World

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How great is to travel, right? You get to explore new places, taste different food, and make new friends. Maybe you are thinking about far and tropical roads or sightseeing in Europe, but your tight-budget reality demands a dirty-cheap vacation. So, what to do? Well, the truth is that you still can go the distance, just if you know where.

Luckily for your wallet, the States and other parts of the Planet have much fun, interesting, and affordable places for you to visit. Check this 20 places where you can stretch your dollar as far as possible.

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1. Biloxi, Mississippi

Great gambling and fun experiences are not only in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Moreover, Biloxi has to offer a dozen casinos just along the water with cheap hotel accommodations and great entertainment.

There is a great brewery or wine tasting for grown-ups, and for family fun, museums and free parks. Moreover, you can visit famous Biloxi Lighthouse for just $5 for adults, $2 for kids.

2. The Grand Canyon

You can’t live in the States and never visit the Grand Canyon. It’s simply one of the most beautiful natural attraction in the world. Moreover, for a weekly pass, you will pay only $30 per vehicle.

Moreover, if you’re on a serious budget, visit on any of the free entrance days. You can gather a crew and spend the night outside for just $12 to $50 per night. And they even let dogs in.

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3. Europe By Train

Yes, the whole of Europe. Traveling by train is easy, cheap, and well organized in the whole of Europe. Moreover, this is a great way to meet peer travelers. If you are under 25, you are set for massive discounts.

If you get a global pass for $350 you can visit any of Eurail’s 28 countries. Furthermore, you can do in a period of just one month.

4. Cartagena, Colombia

Not far from home, but yet so different. Once you visit Cartagena you will visit it over and over again. Moreover, if you plan well, you can find round-trip ticket USA-Columbia, for $250.

In addition, you can stay in great hotels for $70 a night, with one or two meals. This place has it all – fun, drinks, food, and great architecture.

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5. Jamaica

If you are chicken and music lover then you can expect to visit this place for less than $200 in February. And if you are not a resort fan you can find a pool house on Airbnb for $25 a night.

Visit local restaurants for real local experience and famous chicken. Also, if you visit hole-in-the-wall bars, you can expect to spend around $30 daily.

6. Caribbean Cruises

Cruises are your best friend if you want to explore on the budget. They are easy to book, active all year round, and cheap. For under $500 a person you can have an all-inclusive trip.

If you cruise frequently, you can expect rewards and earn onboard credit and whatnot.

7. Mexico

Mexico is known for being affordable for global travelers, and slightly cheaper for travelers from the States. After all, spring breaks, right?

But, do your research, because in one place you can spend $20 a day, and $50 in another one. Actually, saving your budget just requires proper research.

8. Bali

This is a great destination both for adventure-seeker and family rounds. You can just go there, without booking anything in advance and even bargain.

The taxi system is the same everywhere and cheap, including food and hotel rooms. People are amazing. Be careful – don’t visit during the rainy season.

9. South Africa

First thing first – the exchange rate is just amazing! You will get 15 rands to one dollar. What does it mean for you? It means more vacation for less money.

In South Africa, you can see penguins, swim with sharks, see the whales, hike, and taste one of the best wines in the world. Moreover, you stay in great hostels and boutique hotels for $10 per night.

10. Cuba

This is the right time to visit Cuba. Go now, before it changes beyond recognition. Moreover, go before prices start to go up and up even more.

Dip your toes at Varadero Beach, hit the salsa clubs, have a vintage taxi ride and experience everything that this amazing Caribbean island still has to offer.

11. India

This is globally number one budget destination. India is one of the few countries where you can still travel so greatly and eat so well for so little. Especially if you are backpacking.

If you are more for beach break you have to visit Goa for its gorgeous beaches, temples, and food. And you can also visit a desert while you are there.

12. Vietnam

Maybe you will have to save some extra to get to Vietnam, but once you are there you can relax. You will be able to experience so much for so little, including flights within Vietnam.

Vietnam is really cheap, especially the food. Nightlife is great and nature is stunning. A couple can expect to spend, for nine nights and days, between $300–400. In addition, you will earn nice fly miles.

13. Guatemala

This is definitely a place that has so much to offer. Mayan traditions, natural beauty, and colonial legacies – all in one. In addition, it has rock-bottom prices.

If you want to brush your Spanish speaking skills, this is the place to go. What about transportation? If you are up for an adventure make sure to jump onto one of the country’s famous ‘chicken buses’. That will be the ride of your life.

14. Bosnia and Herzegovina

If you are a fan of exploring abandoned Olympic stadiums than this is the place to go. Moreover, if you are a meat-lover you can expect some once in a lifetime meals. Moreover, the whole meal here is equal to the price of a coffee in Starbucks.

This place is rich in history and some modern events. Besides, this is a great way to explore the whole Balkan region for more than reasonable price.

15. Thailand

There is a number of reasons why Thailand is so popular, especially among the backpackers. It has a rich culture, great cuisine, and idyllic islands. And on top of that Thailand has more than reasonable prices.

For a 10-day vacation there you can expect to spend less than $20 on everything – including the food, shops, and even snorkeling. Visit Bangkok and rent a motorbike to run away from the crowd.

16. Nicaragua

If you are really on a tight-budget this the place to go, as you can stay in a hostel dorm for just $5 a night. And for food, you won’t need more than $10 a day.

Local transport is not luxurious, but it’s cheap. Additionally, you will have so many options for inexpensive activities, including volcano boarding.

17. Greece

Greece has so much to offer. With so many islands it’s hard to pick just one, so make sure that you plan and pay ahead in order to visit more islands.

You may just save some money to upgrade your ticket to home. However, bear in mind that, among Europeans, Greece is not considered to be cheap.

18. New Orleans, LA

This is a great city to explore on foot. You will love the Southern charm, including historic mansions, and old cemeteries. Also, you can enjoy signature foods, such as crawfish and gumbo.

Accommodation can cost you a little more here, but you will have a big save when it comes to attractions and entertainment in general.

19. Bolivia

This is probably one of the cheapest countries in South America, and probably most misunderstood. Traveling here may be a little challenging from time to time to organize, but its more than worth it.

If you are passionate about hiking Bolivia will be your favorite destination, as you will be swept off your feet due to astonishing sights.

20. China

Once you reach China everything will be so cheap. Your flight to China will be much cheaper if you live on the West Coast. In China, local transport in just a few cents.

Once you go out of tourist areas, Beijing and Shanghai, prices go down even more. Two people can expect to spend, on flights and 4-stars hotel around $900.

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