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A New Study Revealed At Which Part Of The Day We Burn The Most Calories

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To properly burn calories takes a great amount of dedication and can be affected by your sleep schedule and whether or not you exercise. While a small meal may help ‘activate’ your metabolism, a small study has found there may be a ‘right time of day’ to burn those calories you’ve been taking in.

The study, using only about seven people, found that the number of calories a person burns may be affected by their circadian rhythms. It was found that in the late afternoon humans burned 10% more calories or 130 more per day than normal.

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According to Dr. Jeanne Duffy, the study’s co-author and associate professor at Harvard Medical School said, “If it’s happening every day, you can imagine that over time it can add up.”

The group, which consisted of men and women ranging in age from 38 to 69 were monitored for a total of 37 days. There were also restricted from having clock, phones or access to the internet. Researchers controlled participants’ sleep-wake cycles, forcing their circadian rhythm to operate based solely on their body’s internal mechanisms. This allowed for observation of the body’s natural clock during different times of the day.

Duffy further explained why the afternoon would be the best time to focus on calorie burning: “We may be eating that breakfast not only at a time when our body might not be prepared to deal with it but at a time when we need less energy to maintain our functions. Therefore, the same breakfast might result in extra stored calories, because we don’t need those to maintain our body functions.”

With evidence from the small study pointing to a late-afternoon energy boost, why not wait till then to work out and burn even more calories? Because when I wake up, the last thing I want to do is work out.

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