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A Substance Found In Chili Peppers Reduces Depressive Symptoms In A Rodent Model Of Depression

Not everyone will think so, but research into medicine is extremely important. The same people making the claim that what we treat illnesses with isn’t natural. But many of the ingredients in certain brands of drugs are naturally occurring in nature and in the things that we eat. What are some of those more common foods?

When it comes to researching what natural chemicals can treat certain conditions, the process isn’t always as complicated as one would think. There has been an increase in interest to research what medical benefits capsaicin may have, other than what we already know.

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Drug stores carry it in many forms, with the most common being cream and solid pills. Capsaicin is used to treat certain ailments, the most common being to treat arthritis pain. But it has also been shown to reduce blood pressure and the formation of blood clots.

What’s the interest with it now? It may be another way to treat depression that does not involve heavy sedation.

In the human brain, the TRPV1 is the only receptor activated by the chemical known as Capsaicin. This means, that for those who can tolerate the heat of a chili pepper, they are essentially a mood booster.

The Mexican culture is known for its use of spices in food, and researchers wonder if that has an effect on how depression affects those belonging to the culture.

There is great promise in Capsaicin treating depression. With all the side effects of current drugs, it may save people who only see the negative side effects of prescription pills. This is extremely important since some who have been prescribed Prozac described feeling like a robot while on the drug.

What do you think of treating depression with chili? If you are really into putting spice into your food, that happy mood may be a side effect of your diet choices. Pretty cool, right?

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