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A Stray Cat Joins Catwalk At Istanbul Fashion Show

Fashion is a serious business for those who have been involved for years. Hundreds of models participate in fashion shows each year, showing off designer clothing in the spotlight they once dreamed of.

One feline decided she didn’t need anyone’s permission to take part in an Istanbul fashion show. At the Esmod Internation Fashion Show, a black and white cat stole the show as models strutted down the catwalk trying to model new clothing.

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As the models stepped down the runway, the cat can be seen ‘swiping’ at them as they passed by. People with cats recognize this as a sign that the cat wants to play with someone or is trying to ‘entice’ someone to play with them. Despite her attempts, the models kept their cool, cracking only a slight smile as the animal approached them.

Fashion shows are usually hard to get into, but the young cat had absolutely no problem getting in without an invitation.

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One of the designers at the event, Goksen Hakki Ali said, “Everybody was in shock. That is no doubt true, Ali. I can’t really think of a fashion show that features both cats and people, though I am sure one exists.”

No one knows exactly how the cat got there or even if it belonged to someone at the show. But it had sure caught the attention of the audience, possibly leaving the models to wonder who they were even showing the clothing to.

Fashion designer Ali joked about the feline diva landing a job in modeling, “Haha, maybe. Why not?”

The cat isn’t likely to have a career in the fashion industry, but she is definitely famous after her adorable strut down the catwalk in Istanbul, Turkey. And she did help the designer to get some worldwide popularity.

Hopefully, the rambunctious cat was taken home by someone at the show and adopted.

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