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A Brave Cat Protects Its Home And Scares Off A Black Bear

When most people think of cats, they tend to imagine a stereotypically lazy animal that keeps to themselves and doesn’t always interact.

But felines are far more than they appear to be. They display heightened levels of intelligence you wouldn’t expect, and bravery you wouldn’t expect from such a small animal.

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The standard guard animal for most houses is usually a dog. Some people have employed more aggressive creatures like llamas or turkeys. These animals, of course, are very territorial.

Cats themselves are social creatures, and in a social environment like a human home, they will make strong bonds with that family. It is this strong connection that drives felines to be protective over their humans.

In Alaska, Black Bears are seen frequently wandering near human homes. You would also think that the people who always see them would have guard dogs to scare them off. But why would you need a dog when you have a super brave cat?

In a video posted recently, a tabby colored cat shows us why felines might be the perfect animal to guard the indoors of a house.

A curious adult Black Bear makes the mistake of wandering near the tabby’s house and she is having none of it. The cat can be seen in the video sneaking up to the glass door as the bear continues to sniff around.

When the bear least expects it, the cat smashes itself against the glass, frightening the larger animal so bad it back up quickly it fell off the deck and ran.

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Black Bears aren’t really known for their bravery as some users put it.

“Black Bears are the biggest wimps ever,” commented one user on the video. “They’ll dig around campsites, but if you ever run into one just yell and they’ll split.”

Remember that when you face a Black Bear, running is definitely not what you should do. Stand your ground and make noise. They will test you with a false charge but will back off if you don’t move.

Seriously, if you see a bear, DO NOT RUN.

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