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Celebrities With Unusual And Awesome Hobbies

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In life, hobbies are necessary to jog someone’s brain as well as help them relax. If there are people who know that most it is celebrities who have hectic schedules.

But they all somehow find something they are passionate about to keep them entertained.

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It’s important to have fun in life and not to take yourself too seriously and these celebrities know that better than anyone.

Warren Buffett

Billionaire investor Warren Buffet is not all work. In his free time, he surprisingly enjoys playing the Ukulele and has played it for decades. He does not hide his hobby in a closet and likes to show it off. 

He even once played a duet with Jon Bon Jovi for the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy and released his own version of the 1971 “I’d like to buy a Coke” commercial as a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the beverage’s contoured bottle.

Everything he touches truly turns to gold. Warren also enjoys playing online bridge on Mondays with some partners to keep his mind sharp.

Angelina Jolie

Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie collects daggers as a hobby. According to Jolie, her mom introduced her to daggers when she was a kid and took her to buy her first daggers at around 12 years-old. 

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“It reminds you of history, and there’s just something beautiful about them and traditional. Each country has different knives and weapons, and that’s why I started collecting them. I’ve done this since I was a little girl,” says Jolie of her collection.

Angelina introduced the love for daggers to her son, Maddox. She, however, confirmed that they were not lethal, just blunt so that he couldn’t get hurt.

Talk about passing down family tradition. The size and exact content of her knife collection are unknown, although she is very open about other aspects of her personal life.

Johnny Depp

Pirates of the Carribean star Johnny Depp has one of the most unique hobbies as he loves playing with dolls. Aside from the doll versions of his own characters, Depp has collected High School Musical, Beyoncé, Paris Hilton, Marilyn Monroe, and more special edition Barbies.

He ascertains that his passion is sincere. He uses the moments to bond with his children as well as to practice and get into character for his movie lines.


It’s not hard to imagine American rapper and actor 50-cent enjoying boxing in his leisure time. Unknown to many, before he was the rapper we know him to be, 50-cent used to be a boxer.

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He won a number of boxing tournaments. He also competed in the Junior Olympics as an amateur boxer in the mid-’80s, quite impressive.

Richard Branson

Billionaire Virgin Group founder Richard Branson enjoys kitesurfing. He urges people to get off their phones and indulge in the activity for thirty minutes. At least, that’s what he does.

Back in 2017, a photo of him kite surfing with a naked woman on his back went viral. Soon after the one became three ladies.

With that, he added on to the records he had broken with Guinness World Records officially acknowledging the achievement as the “world record for most people riding a kitesurf board.”

Paris Hilton Hunts Frogs

For a socialite, this is quite the hobby. Hotel heiress Paris Hilton is an avid animal rights activist but ironically enjoys hunting frogs in her leisure time.

In her defense, she does it for sport and never really hurts them.

The thrill of the chase ends up with her returning them to their natural habitat and redoing the process all over again on another day.

Nick Offerman

Turns out, ‘Ron Swanson’ like Nick Offerman plays in Parks and Recreation actually loves woodworking in real life. He is obsessed with the hobby, which could explain how he got it worked into the script. 

Offerman started his own woodshop in East Los Angeles with 10 employees who make hand-crafted tables, chairs, beds, and boats, according to Offermanwoodshop.com.

Shaquille O’Neal

Superstar retired NBA player Shaquille O’Neal enjoys target shooting and riding motorcycles in his free time.

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