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Celebrities That Starred In Pepsi Commercials

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When it comes to soda, there’s no other brand more well-known by its name and logo than Pepsi Cola. Founded in 1898 by Caleb Bradham and started at his drug store, the company has since become a regular drink offered at sit-down restaurants and fast food places.

Bradham certainly never dreamed his company would eventually reach “empire status.” But isn’t any brand capable of such feats with a few special endorsements? Here is a list of well-known celebrities who’ve lent their face to the brand in commercials:

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1. Britney Spears

I remember growing up as a kid and hearing her music on the television, radio, and from the voices of classmates attempting to follow along to her lyrics. Spears was lucky enough to make her debut at Super Bowl XXXV, which took place in 2001.

The cost for that feature commercial cost Pepsi just about $2 million, but we got to see her tear-away pants routine, something signature to the pop-star at the time.

Britney’s second Pepsi commercial showed the singer wearing a different outfit for the 1950s and on. She also starred in a third alongside Pink and Beyoncé, which cost the company just a little more than Britney’s first commercial.

2. Elton John and Melanie Amaro

During the Super Bowl XXXVIII of 2012, Sir Elton John was given the crown and graced with the title “King of Pepsi.” That year’s X Factor winner, Melanie Amaro, was lucky enough to be featured alongside the “Rocket Man” singer.

In the commercial, King John asked for singers to entertain him for a Pepsi. Unsatisfied with so many before her, Amaro brings it home with a remix of “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” that takes the words from his mouth.

One of the most memorable parts of the commercial, though, was the 3-inch gold platform shoes. “Those are nothing,” John said of the footwear, “the ones I used to wear were 8 inches.”

3. Mariah Carey

Whether or not you like Mariah Carey’s music, you have to admit that it is very catchy. This commercial featured the singer straddling a sports-style motorcycle in front of a large neon Pepsi sign.

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We are first greeted by a couple sitting down to a restaurant, before we see the singer in front of the sign. When the man’s phone begins to ring, a Carey song plays and proceeds to blow out the electricity in the restaurant.

Remember to read reviews before you download a ringtone.

4. Ray Charles

Having a disability is nothing to the musical piano legend Ray Charles. With all that he accomplished during his life, it’s only natural that Pepsi Co would want the man to promote their soft drink. Instead of repping the normal flavor, the piano man went ‘healthy’ and promoted Diet Pepsi instead.

“You know when it’s right, you know when you feel it baby. You hold it, you feel it, taste it, it’s right.” After Charles sang those lines, dancers and background singers popped out of nowhere as Ray Charles described the drink.

5. Janet Jackson and Ricky Martin

It’s kinda weird to know that these two have made a commercial and not remember seeing it.

“Feel you, hold you, so refreshing,” Jackson sings during the commercial. Martin adds his vocals in later, lending what many refer to as “sultry” vocals. The Latin artists then proceed to sing in his native language of Spanish.

6. Beyoncé

Yes, she had been in one before with two others, but eventually got her own commercial with the soft drink company. Known as the Grown Woman Pepsi commercial, it was part of the company’s “Mirrors” ad and showed the different alter egos the Queen went by during her career.

Her commercial was released almost a decade after her first album, and struck a $50 million deal with Pepsi. But in 2015, they let her go to search for a more “relatable” face for the company.

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7. Cardi B

Known for her hit “Bodak Yellow” which hit number one on 2017’s Billboard Hot 100, the Latin-American rap artist starred in a Pepsi commercial with both Steve Carrel and rapper Lil John.

After a waiter asks the female patron “is Pepsi okay?” Steve Carrel gets up from behind her, and says “It’s more than okay, it’s…” before pointing to Lil John who gives his signature “Okay.” Cardi walks in immediately afterward and responds with her now famous “Okurrr.”

What has been your favorite Pepsi commercial so far?

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