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Celebrity Monthly Expenses — How Much Do They Spend Each Month

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It is no secret celebrities all over the world in this lifetime are on a spending spree to look, eat, drive and live well. Owning one house at the beach is a child’s play.

Owning a couple of houses at the famous Calabasas by the lake, a penthouse in New York, Manhattan and a couple of islands is what living the celebrity house is all about. Lets we forget the driving top of the top luxury sports cars, expensive vacations in the Riviera of Mexico and Spain.

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Luxury brands cannot go unmentioned. Being a celebrity does not come cheap. Self-image is important so the bravado has to be maintained. To some celebrities, spending $5,000 on a watch is like spending $10 at Taco Bell.

Despite frivolous spending on items and to “die-for” holidays, celebrities have to pay their housemaids, nannies, bodyguards, drivers, accountants, financial advisors, personal assistants and last but not least the IRA.

Here are some of the celebrities’ monthly expenses.

Big Spenders

Britney Spears

In the course of a divorce case in court, financial documentation has to be presented. Pop icon Britney Spears’s spending is on a whooping high.

She spends close to $151,000 per month. On take out alone, she spends close to $5,000 and over $15,000 on clothes.

Many people wait and plan ahead for a vacation to happen maybe once a year, every month Ms. Britney spends more than $100,000 on vacations and all sorts of entertainment.

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50 Cent

Mr. Curtis’s or if you rather 50 Cent’s monthly spending came out in court when he filed for bankruptcy.

His monthly expenses are over $105,000. He is one of the many celebrities who lived way up above their means.

He used to spend over $70,000 on maintenance and servicing his mansion that had fifty rooms, over $8,500 on security alone and $1,000 on haircuts and care.

Cardi B

Cardi B revealed that she spends about $300,000 per month.

The mother of one said that maintaining the lifestyle does not come cheap since she has to take care of her family. 45% of her income goes to the IRS and the rest left for personal use, be it saving, business, and utilities.


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Queen Beyoncé who was once the most paid woman musician spares no dime in living the life she wants. Her net worth is estimated to be $350 million.

With that much wealth, monthly expenses are also on the high to a tune of over $500,000 on vacation homes, jet expenses are at $70,000 and a chef who gets paid over $7,000.

She also pays her maid at least $4,000 and for her being an icon she has got to have a publicist who gets paid $10,000.

The Royals

Unlike other celebrities who have their financial records private, the royals’ expenditure is always kept public. In 2015, their spending was at $4.6 million. Most of the expenses are on traveling outside the country on royal duties.

With Meghan Markle being the new member in the family their expenses are bound to go a notch higher.

Celebrities Who Live Below Their Means

Celebrities who spend lavishly should not be bashed for their spending. Most of them have worked hard for their current wealth and money and are allowed to spend as they wish.

It is up to them to be smart about their spending. Maybe pay an accountant and financial advisor to help them make the right choices.

There are some A-list celebrities who have taken control of their money and wealth and have chosen to live a modest life. They can afford almost everything they want but prefer making better financial decisions.

Here are some of the celebrities who live a modest life and do not spend much per month.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is one of the most paid celebrities. He, on the other hand, spends less in a month than most of the celebrities. He apparently lives on an “allowance”.

Warren Buffett

The third richest man in the world is not your regular billionaire. Worth almost $80 billion, he is not the kind to live a lavish life.

He still lives in the house he bought in 1958 and drives a modest car. His monthly expenses are not disclosed but he sure does not go beyond what he cannot use.

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