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10 Best Affordable Christmas Gifts

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Christmas is a time for spending quality time with your loved ones. It is also a time for giving. Accompanied by the colorful Christmas trees and house decorations, jingles, parties and get-togethers, Christmas is also marked by the exchange of gifts.

Christmas Tradition

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The tradition of gift-giving during the holidays is observed around the globe. On 26, December, every year, families gather around the Christmas tree to unwrap and unbox presents that they have received from their loved ones.

Children in many countries like the USA and UK are brought up under the popular belief that Santa Clause is the one who gifts them during Christmas.

According to the belief, a child has to be good all year and not make it to the naughty list for Santa to bring them a gift they wished for at Christmas. Santa is usually represented as a big fat guy in a red and white suit and hat with a very huge white beard.

Santa Claus

The theory is that Santa Clause rides on his sleigh pulled by reindeer in the sky. He then slides down every good child’s house to deliver their gifts personally. 

Normally families leave socks with cookies hanging on the chimney opening in the house and a glass of milk for Santa. He delivers all the gifts on the night of December 25th and is done before the crack of dawn.

Santa then flies back to the North Pole until the next year. This tradition has helped to give families especially children the Christmas spirit where they get excited about the holidays.

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Seeing as how Christmas is around the corner, here are a few cheap Christmas gift ideas:

A Framed Picture

Loved ones especially mothers and our significant others always appreciate a framed picture of both of you together. It has sentimental value and will be treasured forever.

Journal Or Planner

The holidays come just before the new year begins. Therefore, getting someone you love a planner or a journal is great as they can plan their new year better.

People are big on setting resolutions for the new years and they need a journal for this. When choosing one, don’t be boring. Get a customized one to the recipient’s unique taste and likes.

For example, if they are all about feminism and female empowerment, find one that would match that character. Always give a personal note with this gift.

Scented candles

Scented candles are cost-efficient and all the craze right now. They make a person’s home smell beautifully. There are various different scents that exist, from tropical to vanilla. Get them a scent they are bound to vibe with based on their likes.

Knit Them A Gift

When someone says ‘knitting a gift’, doesn’t a grandma sweater come to mind? Anything someone makes with love always holds a special place in people’s hearts. With YouTube today, you don’t have to be an expert knitter to knit a decent trendy piece of clothing for someone you love. They will think of you every time they wear it.


There are so many things you can bake as gifts including bread, cake or pie. You can never go wrong with some good dessert.

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Bottle Of Wine

A cheap $10 bottle of wine is the easiest gift to grab during the holidays. It is especially efficient for those who don’t have time to make something from scratch.

Coffee Mug

Who doesn’t love a cute coffee mug with his or her favorite show’s pun printed on it? Or a funny quote? Absolutely no one, that’s who.

A Book

If you know a member of your family is an avid reader, a book in the genre of his liking is a great gift idea.

Belts And Wallets

Belts and wallets are cheap and functional everyday gifts that you are sure will get utilized and not stashed in the basement.

Bubble Bath

Believe me, every time the person you gifted a bubble bath soap soaks themselves in the tub, they will have you to thank. Always find the best smelling ones as people like to bath in magical scents.

While gifts are a great way to celebrate the holidays and show your loved ones that you care for them, it’s important to always remember the reason for the season.

Raise children not to judge a person’s intentions by the materialistic things they receive. That simply being able to celebrate the holidays surrounded by those you love and love you is a bigger gift than anything money can buy.

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