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8 Extremely Cheap Warm-Weather Destinations To Visit This Winter

While being surrounded by loved ones has the effect of turning up the heat during winter, those warm cosy hugs do not compare to a naturally warm destination.

Many people take vacations during winter breaks and spend their holidays in warm coastal destinations with their families. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a practice exclusively set aside for the rich.

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With proper planning and research, anyone can escape the chilly winter weather.

Below is a compiled list of the best warm destinations you can disappear to that are extremely pocket-friendly:

1. Jamaica

This Carribean island offers a little bit of everything for everyone. It has beautiful sandy beaches and sunny weather going for it. The crystal blue waters have a cooling effect on someone.

Another great thing about Jamaica during the holidays is the endless chain of parties on gets to attend.

On top of that, there are great excursions one can take like going to Museums. It is a great place to enjoy touristy activities on a budget.

An important tip if you would rather have a chilled holiday in Jamaica is to visit the south coast instead.

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It is not as fast-paced as the other side and here you actually get to enjoy peaceful beaches that aren’t crowded with people. You get to learn more about the culture and traditions of the people from the local fisherman.

2. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has been named one of the leading Christmas destinations because of all the festivals and musical celebrations that extend well into January.

The party never stops and the beauty is you get to save your coins while having a blast.

3. Canary Island, Spain

If you have never heard of a warm destination during winter in Europe, allow me to introduce you to the stunning Canary Island in Spain.

It is just off the Moroccan coast and boasts of unique delights and special wines. It also has volcanoes.

4. Dallas Texas

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While it is easy to imagine that life is expensive in Dallas, it is surprisingly the opposite.

During wintertime, the weather in Dallas is actually warm and good. It is also relatively cheap to spend time there.

5. Quito Ecuador

This Latin American country is the cheapest to visit. On top of that, it’s consistent warm temperatures are bound to make your holidays all the more memorable.

The accommodation in Ecuador is relatively cheap with prices going as low as $15 a night. It also has many places to explore and a lot of entertainment to enjoy.

Let’s not forget the fun Salinas beach and the Amazon forest which are great excursions to take while there.

6. Thailand

Thailand is the perfect getaway destination for people escaping the winter on a budget. Thailand is rich in cultural heritage and traditions and you can definitely learn a lot about the locals’ traditions.

It also has beautiful beaches and islands that have become tourist attractions for many people.

For example, the Phi Phi Islands’ unmistakable beauty has resulted in many traveling to Thailand.

There’s no forgetting all the magnificent Buddhist temples you can tour while there. Yoga takes up a whole new form when you’re in Thailand.

7. Bahamas

Looking for white sandy beaches that will not break the bank, the Bahamas is the place. The Bahamas attracts millions of tourists yearly. Its picturesque beaches have been a favourite for many.

To be able to go to this exclusive Caribbean island on a budget, do a lot of research first.

Don’t be afraid, cheaper options are available even in peak season.

8. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is on a lot of people’s bucket lists without really realizing how pocket-friendly it can be to travel here. Despite it being peak season, it is a relatively cheap getaway.

There is an array of different hotels in the competition so that guarantees that you will get an affordable place to stay.

Movement around Costa Rica is quite affordable as the transport mediums are cheap.


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