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After A Bride Found Out Her Fiancé Was Cheating, She Got The Most Epic Revenge At The Altar

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Marrying the love of one’s life is certainly among wishes everyone hopes will come true. But sometimes, the person that you chose to be your lifetime partner turns out to be someone you barely know. That’s how marriages fall apart, families are torn and hearts are broken. Finding out the harsh truth always appears with disappointment and a lot of hurtful feelings. How was it possible that you never saw the signs of the person sitting right next to you throughout all these years?

And while it might break your heart to find out you were betrayed and cheated on, discovering it might help you do the right choice. The same thing happened to Casey. She found evidence that her fiance was cheating right before her wedding. Is this the best or the worst thing that could happen to a person? Ruining the wedding with a wrong person or getting embarrassed in front of all of your close friends and family? Well, whatever it is, she decided to revenge in a way no one would expect…

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1. Final Hours

Casey was ready to marry her boyfriend Alex after a 6-year relationship. She couldn’t wait for their wedding day to arrive and to share the luckiest day of her life with her closest ones and finally enjoy the honeymoon trip with the love of her life.

But she couldn’t have imagined that what was supposed to be her luckiest day will turn into a nightmare no one would want to go through. And all of her close friends and relatives were going to witness it. Everything seemed just fine, until she discovered something the night before the wedding…

2. Bridal Party

The happy bride-to-be was so enthusiastic about her wedding day and she couldn’t hide it for days. Finally, she and her closest friends were getting ready for the bridal party at the posh hotel room.

Just as any other woman in love, Casey was prepared to say goodbye to her days as a single woman once and for all. She was happy that she was marrying the right guy, or at least that’s what she thought.

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3. Love-Blind

Casey was madly in love with Alex since the first day she saw him. As time went by, the two got along together and year after year their love seemed to be of those kinds other couples would be jealous of.

Not only the two were very close and had a special connection, but their families also got along very well. It looked like everybody knew somehow that it was just a matter of time of when they will get married.

4. A Long Story

After 6 years of love, their wedding day finally arrived. She was ready to have the best day of her life and was happy to share it with all the attendees. Casey imagined everything that was waiting for her and Alex in future, and now they were finally doing the first step.

However, just before they were about to tie the knot and carry on with celebrating their love with their closest friends and relatives, Casey found out something that made her future plans fall to pieces in a matter of seconds.

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5. Hard To Imagine

What Casey learned just before she was about to officially confirm her love in front of everyone she cared about, changed her plans forever.

At the day when she should have been happy to see the man she loves, she couldn’t even imagine kissing, holding, or even standing next to him. Her plans were changed forever and she knew there was no way around it anymore. Nothing could seal the damage that was done.

6. Fairytale Gone Wrong

Out of nowhere, Casey realized that the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with wasn’t at all the person she thought he was. She couldn’t stand the idea of not knowing his soon-to-be husband so much.

All her dreams disappeared, and she was sad, hurt and angry. But apart from what she discovered just before she was about to marry Alex, the way she discovered it hurt her even more. Her fairytale ending was far from happening. At least not this time. But what could have caused so much pain in Casey? What did she find out?

7. How It All Started

Just like every other girl, the bridal shower was meant to entertain the bride as much as possible. Brides can often be quite nervous before their wedding day, so these parties often have the scope of taking the bride’s thoughts off the wedding.

All her friends gave their best to make her feel less anxious and to stop her from overthinking whether everything will go well the following day. However, they couldn’t foresee one thing that was about to happen in the middle of their bridal fun.

8. Fun At The Bridal Party

Everything happened at the bridal party Casey’s friends organized for her. Casey was enjoying her bridal party with her friends and sipping champagne. When her phone buzzed to announce the arrival of a new message she happily went to pick up her phone expecting yet another person to wish her well for the wedding day.

Her friends were making jokes about how busy she was that night with receiving good luck messages. Little did they know that the messages she was about to receive will change her whole life.

9. The Unexpected Message

When Casey picked up her phone, she still had a smile on her face that was about to disappear for good. After reading the messages she just got, instead of the regular “thank you” reply, she broke down into tears.

Her heart was immediately broken into a thousand pieces. No one knew what was going on, especially because everything seemed to be just perfect a couple of moments ago. Her friends were perplexed and didn’t know what was going on. What kind of message could she received?

10. Realizing What Was Going On

Apparently, what Casey received in that message made her behave quite strangely. But, that’s only what her friends thought. At first, they had no idea what could make their friend Casey burst into tears so much, when she should be cheerful because of her wedding.

After a couple of minutes of shock and crying out loud, Casey took another look at the message. Just to be sure that what she read was actually real. She took a deep breath and read everything with tears in her eyes. When she finally spoke, her voice was broken with pain and anger.

11. Worried Friends

Casey couldn’t even say out loud what happened. Her friends were worried that someone she loved may have deceased, and started asking her if she’s fine hoping to find out what did she just read.

They were throwing their guesses of what could have happened at her, but Casey couldn’t say a word. For an hour or two, the girl that was dancing and having fun moments ago, suddenly seemed completely desperate and they had no clue of what Casey was going through.

12. Finally Hinting What Happened

Casey finally found some strength to tell her friends what happened. She told them she received a message from an unknown number, but when she wanted to tell what she read inside, she burst into tears again.

“What could have happened to this poor girl to break her so much? She’s getting married! She should be nervously happy about her big day.”, is basically what each of her friends were thinking. But, it looks like no one had the slightest idea that it might be just her marriage that is making her so much miserable in that moment.

13. The Ugly Truth

What made Casey cry were the X-rated messages from an unknown number. When she read the messages for the first time, it looked to her as if it was some kind of a prank. But the more she read, the more it looked true.

Someone she didn’t know sent her a number of screenshots of a conversation between her fiancé Alex, and another woman. The messages showed clearly that Alex was having a side chick for a while now, and she had no clue about it.

14. Living With A Stranger

Alex was getting very intimate with another woman that wasn’t her and now she even had selfies of the pair to testify. Casey could not imagine this happening in her wildest dreams.

Not only she found out that her fiancé was cheating on her and wasn’t being honest about who he was during their relationship, but he was ready to become her husband despite wanting other women beside him.

15. Not Saying Anything

Casey tried to read out loud as calmly as she could to her friends, but at one point she stopped. Her friends were furious and in shock. Some of them started crying because they could relate to the pain Casey was going through.

However, they were curious to know why Casey stopped reading. She told them that they would hear about everything when the right moment comes. But, she shared something else with them. There was something more haunting about the messages that made her question everything – the last message she received.

16. The Last Message

Being completely in shock with what she just saw, Casey didn’t even realize the consequences of what just happened. But, then, she received another message that threw everything in her face once again.

The last message she received from the unknown number said, “I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?”. Only then did she completely realize that these all messages were just about to ruin what she believed was going to be the most beautiful day of her life.

17. The Big Decision

Now that she was aware of the person her fiancé was, Casey had to make the hardest decision. Her friends suggested that she should call him immediately and call off the wedding.

What should she do? Is that the right decision? What about all the people that traveled for the wedding and were waiting to see the couple say their wedding vows. She had a feeling that calling off the wedding wasn’t the right decision to do.

18. The Wedding Is On

But she didn’t want to do it. Casey simply didn’t want the wedding to completely fall apart because of the messages she received. She was so crushed and said: “Every word like a dagger in my heart and my wedding was only hours away. How could I cancel when everyone had already traveled to be there and everything was paid for?”.

So Casey finally made her decision to have the wedding day anyway but with a couple of changes. Was she about to marry Alex anyway? What was her plan? All of her friends were asking, but didn’t know what Casey had in mind.

19. Psychology Of Cheating

But what could cause her fiance to cheat on her in the months before their wedding? According to Dr. Rowan Burckhardt, there are two main reasons for infidelity. The first is what the cheater partner probably sees as a problem, and the second is when the cheating partner fails to have romantic feelings for the other one.

That’s why some people simply step out of the relationship into the arms of someone else, while others start looking for the “romantic connection” elsewhere. But it seems that for these people, knowing that it is forbidden to be with another person, makes this attraction to a new person even greater.

20. Not Sure What To Do

Now that she decided the wedding was still on, Casey still wanted to find a way to revenge to her cheating fiance. All those people gathered because of them,
and it was unfair to pretend that everything was just fine.

Just to think that her parents, relatives, friends are going to be all so happy to see her and Alex finally tie the knot, made her heart hurt. She couldn’t just pretend as if nothing happened. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone. But what bothered her the most was how she would show Alex that she knows what he was being involved into.

21. Planning The Revenge

Finally, Casey found the perfect way to end her doubts. She wanted everybody to know the truth, and she was ready to do something she never would have believed she had strength for. She decided to tell Alex and all the invitees what she just found out.

She was ready to say out loud what he couldn’t have said to her for months. She was preparing for her wedding, but everything now seemed completely fake to her. Casey was experiencing the biggest turn in her life when she was least expecting it, and now, she was just hoping for everything to end as soon as possible.

22. The Wedding

Finally, the wedding started, or, the invitees might have believed so. Nobody could expect in their wildest dreams what was about to happen. Especially not Casey’s fiancee Alex.

Casey tried to stay as calm as possible, but all she could think of was those messages, the affair Alex was having for such a long time, her not knowing or suspecting anything. Everything she was living seemed to be a lie. Strangely, as much as that broke her, it also gave her strength to end all of it.

23. Just A Costume

Casey said “I walked down the aisle with leaden feet, my dream dress now just a costume. As he saw my face he knew this was not an ecstatic woman on her big day, but he had no idea what was coming,” and neither did anybody else in the crowd.

Her dreams of being Alex’s wife were now completely buried and she lost all of her hope for her true love. Casey was deeply crushed, but she gave her best to get to the wedding as if nothing happened.

24. The Aisle

“I stood at the front of the room in my wedding dress and looked out at the excited faces of our friends and family,” she reportedly recalled. “My hands were shaking, but not nearly as much as my insides quivered.” But then, she took a deep breath and introduced a sad announcement.

“There will be no wedding today,” announced Casey, “It seems Alex is not who I thought he was.” In that very moment, she pulled out her phone and began to read the messages she received last night.

25. X-rated Messages

Many of the messages Casey read out loud contained sexual references between Alex and his side woman. One of them even was, “Your body is f****** incredible. And s*** do you know how to use it. I wish my GF had half the skills you do.”

Casey thought that reading these messages would at least make him feel as much humiliated as she felt the night when she found out about his cheating. She continued with new messages, another one read, “I miss you so much. I can’t stop thinking about L, S, F’ing you. I’ve never had this kind of connection before.”

26. More Tears

Alex couldn’t believe what had just happened to him and he ran out of the church with some of his relatives that were deeply shocked. He just wanted to be left out of the wedding that was meant to be his happiest day.

But it seemed that Casey had something more to say. She couldn’t leave all the guests simply sitting in shock after what happened. Everyone was surprised by her bravery and listened to what she had to say.

27. One Hell Of A Party

She said, “I love all of you and as horrible as this is, I’m glad you all are here. There will not be a wedding reception today, but instead, there will be a celebration of honesty, finding true love and following your heart even when it hurts.”

Despite her heart being broken to pieces and the shocking news she wasn’t prepared for, Casey still apparently had “one hell of a party.” Soon, her story appeared all around the web and provoked debates on if people would do the same she did. There were different reactions to the story…

28. Viral Story

As her story went viral, different kinds of comments started popping out. Most of the comments were sent by women that were once in a similar situation. However, what surprised us was the fact of how many women still feel stuck in false marriages where they are constantly being cheated on.

However, almost all of these women were fascinated by how brave Casey was. People have wished her best and sent her messages of support saying that “She deserves a lot better”.

29. Support From All Over The World

A lot of other women described their stories and admitted that they wish they could do something like Casey did. However, there were others too that suggested that Casey revealed the evil side of her by deciding to embarrass Alex in front of their families.

But despite the difference in their opinions on the story, all of them wonder what is going on with Casey today. Is she married today? Is she maybe single? Has she completely lost faith in love? Rumors have started…

30. Movie Material

We still don’t know what happened to Casey after the wedding, but it’s important that she didn’t settle for someone that didn’t deserve her. Rumors have started that Casey’s story inspired a new rom-com movie. While the story definitely wasn’t funny to her, maybe she could enjoy seeing the situation from a comical point of view.

She might be betrayed, but she was strong enough to tell everybody what Alex did to her, when he least expected it – in front of all their friends and families and on their wedding day. Did he get what he deserved? What would you do in her place?

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