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10 Creative Alternatives To A Traditional Christmas Tree in 2018

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When Christmas approaches everybody starts to panic about the ways they would decorate their homes this year. And while most people have their Christmas trees ready in the beginning of December, some feel that they want to change their tree for something else, something more creative.

That’s when we start looking for inspiration and some DIY projects that could make the Christmas annual decorating much more creative and fun! Also, you might have just moved to a new apartment and you don’t have a Christmas tree you would just pull out in the living room. You might even not have enough space to place a whole, bushy tree, but that’s nothing to worry about.

Making your own Christmas “tree” will definitely be a fun process, and your creation will certainly be a very unique one. We’re sure that if you choose on making some of these Christmas tree alternatives, your holiday decoration this year will leave your friends speechless! Who wouldn’t want to win the title of the best decorator of this season? Well, I do, and I will share with you some of the best alternatives that will rock these holidays!

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1. Honeycomb Christmas Tree

Don’t have enough space, but have a lots of patience and a bit of crafty skills? Make this wonderful and colorful tree that will bring some joyful colors in your room. Kids will adore helping you make it too!

Check out the instructions at Studio DIY.

2. Washi Tree

Your nephews or friend’s children are coming over to visit you but you still haven’t bought your Christmas tree. You don’t want to dissapoint little kids, and now you might need a quick solution. Washi tape is the way! Run to the store and buy washi tapes in different colors and have a little fun!

You’ll find the tips on how to make this kind of Christmas trees on ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Brit.

3. Upside Down Tree

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Putting the Christmas tree upside down seems to be a tradition in some Eastern European countries. There are Christmas trees you can buy that are already upside down, but if you want to make your tree really hang from the ceiling you might have to do a good research before making it.

4. Wreath Chandelier

The Pinterest’s favorite tree, the wreath chandelier! It really looks so elegant with its beautiful ornaments and neutral-colored ribbons. Just find a good place where you can hang it, and start creating!

The creator behind this amazing piece is Dana Frieling, check out her website for some more inspiration!

5. Book Christmas Tree

If you are a big fan of reading, and happen to have piles of books everywhere in your apartment, making a Christmas tree out of books might work greatly for you! But, the chances are that you will love the way they look so you might feel tempted to leave it throughout the year too.

Catch some of these useful tips on how to make a Book Christmas tree on PureWow.

6. Abstract Christmas Tree

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If you’re not a big fan of having too much decorations and Christmas decor clutter all over your place, then this option might be just the right for you. Buy it on Couchelo or simply get a bit creative and hang pieces of plastic/wood/metal painted in green, and voila! You’ll have your own abstract Christmas tree!

7. Ladder Tree

If you have a lot of ornaments, tinsel, ribbons and even wreaths, but lack a good real or fake Christmas tree here’s a great idea for you. Use an old, wooden ladder instead of the tree, and cover it with decorations and lights! It will have a vintage look that everyone will love!

Discover more of decor ideas from the same creators on I Love ECO Chic.

8. Jubiltree

Good old jubiltrees are always the best pick for those that like things a bit more simpler and neater. You can show your full creativity with a jubiltree as it is literally the blank canvas ready for your ideas! Don’t be afraid to experiment and you’ll get the best reactions!

Check out Home Dzine for some more jubiltree ideas!

9. Book Pages Tree

Well, if you don’t have enough space to put on a Christmas tree and don’t like that flashy, glittery look Christmas decorations usually have. Then this kind of tree might be perfect to you. It’s enough creative for someone to pay attention to it, but not too aggressive to change your hole apartment.

Image source: Etsy – Vintage Scrap Book

10. Branch Christmas Tree

Want to keep this Christmas simple? Take a nice branch and decorate it with some white paper ornaments. Depending on how big and thick the branch is, you might even put your regular ornaments. Explore your creativity with this sleek looking Christmas tree alternative!

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