Chumlee Plead Guilty; Say Goodbye To ‘Pawn Stars’

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Pawn Stars is a reality show everybody’s heard of, but most of them that watch it, do so for the character of Chumlee. Some claim that this 36-year-old’s clumsiness is what attracts so many fans toward the TV show. That might not surprise us as Austin Lee Russell – a.k.a. Chumlee – really spices up the show with silly jokes and funny moments.

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But while he might seem like the most chilled guy ever on screen, Chumlee has been going through some rough times. Needless to say, he was feeling pressured, anxious and stressed. But what caused so much pain for this funny guy? He revealed in an interview unusual things that nobody expected of him. We would like him to overcome this set of bad events, but where did it all start? Did all these things change him?

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