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Brother Grimms Fan Couple Built A Castle Out Of Clay

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Do you have a goal you will stop at nothing to achieve? Is it owning a house, getting that sweet muscle car, or landing that awesome job you’ve been trying to get? It is not always easy to achieve our wildest dreams, but one couple was able to make that possible for themselves.

In Transylvania, Romania, home of Vlad the Impaler’s Gothic castle, is another place with a more welcoming atmosphere.

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Located in the foothills of the Fagaras Mountain in a village called Porumbacu de Sus, stand the Clay Castle of the Valley of Faries. This structure is actually a hotel that looks like it was taken out of the pages of one well-known fantasy novel series.

The Clay Castle was a project began by Razvan and Gabriela Vasile, a Romanian couple who sold their home in the country’s capital to realize their dream.

Being die-hard fans of the Brothers Grimm, it’s no surprise that the Vasiles wanted to bring their own little fairy-tale to life.

What’s more amazing that the structure itself is what it’s made of: nothing more than sand, wood, clay, stone, and hay. It houses about ten room each with their own entrance. It’s pretty cool that such an amazing piece of architecture was built with eco-friendly materials.

Although it is designated a hotel, it is still under construction and at the moment is not taking guests. But don’t worry. For a small fee, you and other guests you bring can explore the grounds.

In the winter, rooms will be kept warm the old school way: wood-burning fires. Thanks to the walls being part clay, it won’t be hard to keep the rooms cool in the summer.

Any fan of Brothers Grimm or the fantasy genre, in general, will have a great time at the Castelul De Lut din Valea Zanelor (Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies.

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