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This Woman Lying On A Secluded Beach Had No Idea The Danger Lurking Nearby

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Mother nature is very unpredictable. No matter if we’re talking about the works of art she creates or unexpected events that she prepares for us. What nature makes, a human can only imitate. One of the most beautiful natural creations are the limestone cliffs that are simply awe-inspiring. What makes them even more perfect are its secluded beaches.

But sometimes, those same wonderful places can be very dangerous. The most beautiful of trips and excursions can turn out to be disasters if mother nature decides so. You can never know what can happen in nature. The same thing happened to one woman who was having just a regular day at the beach when something crazy happened that caught her off guard.

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1. Beauty of Nature

The seaside town of Dieppe in Northern France is one of the main attractions for outdoor enthusiasts. It takes a lot to outbeat the beauty of this place, and it is a perfect location to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

There is everything you might need in this town, from the abundant shore of the sea to the spectacular landscape. This woman came to admire this nature’s work of art and lay at the beach enjoying the view, but something happened on this day.

2. Long Kept Secret

One of the best-kept secrets of the Dieppe shore is Les Petites-Dalles which is one of the best places to relax. As the shore provides sun, relaxation and absolute comfort, a lot of people come to visit it with their friends. Families with children often visit this beach because it is considered safe and beautiful.

The woman we mentioned actually decided to stay nearby Les Petites-Dalles and spend there her quality time. She fell in love with the beauty of this place and spent a lot of her free time exploring the surroundings. Including this beach.

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3. Inspiration

There is definitely something about this place that makes travelers from all around the world come and discover this new territory. The scenery looks very unreal, and it provides you with a unique feeling of becoming one with nature.

This extraordinary beauty was also noticed by the popular painter Claude Monet that pained it. When you’re there the landscape in front of you gives you immense satisfaction that cannot be felt often in life.

4. Enjoying the Delights of Les Petites-Dalles

The beauty of the waters in this little coastal town is reflected on its shore. People often sit and enjoy the sea view and seek for the ideal angles to take outstanding photos. Most of them wait for the sunset when the sea view is painted with a beautiful specter of colors.

With these amazing cliffs and beautiful coast, it’s no wonder that you will see many people taking photos instead of swimming. There are plenty of perfect standpoints to enjoy the scenery, and although that’s a fun place to be, this day something disturbing happened…

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5. A Sunbathing Routine Turned Into A Nightmare

What was planned to be a regular sunbathing day on the beach turned into a nightmare for this woman lying on a secluded beach. While others were taking photos and enjoying the sea breeze, this woman was relaxing on the beach until something tragic happened that no one expected.

This day in November 2013 is still remembered today for a woman that disappeared due to a natural event while she was relaxing to the shore of the Petites-Dalles. All the events unfolding were caught on camera of one visiting photographer.

6. A Shocked Photographer

People take photos in order to get interesting and captivating shots of their memories. The same was true for Maurice Thomas, a British tourist from Shoreham in West Sussex, England, who was ready to take photos of the beautiful scenery that he will recall for the rest of his life.

But what he couldn’t know that day when he woke up, is that his camera was about to be a witness of a tragic event. Thomas had indeed an eye for taking good photos but he could never imagine what he was going to see.

7. Horrifying Events Caught On Camera

Thomas seemed to be in the right place at the right time, which unfortunately can’t be said for the woman on the beach. When speaking to the U.K. tabloid the “Daily Mirror” Thomas reported that “the sound made by clap was fierce than the lightning.”

Thomas witnessed literally the entire cliff collapse under where the woman was sunbathing. He watched all the horrifying events that day and couldn’t believe his eyes.

8. Unstable Beauty

Most visitors that come to enjoy this place, always spend a few hours in sunbathing on the beach. It is simply such a pity not to do it as the scenery is so tempting, and the view is stunning. But, as we already know, some days aren’t just your lucky ones.

The cliff under which this woman was lying was known to be unstable. And even though most people were aware of the potential danger of this unstable cliff, others ignored the cautions and laid under it. There were signs that warned people to stay out of the risky area.

9. A Blessing in Disguise

Thomas admitted that he himself had a habit of walking under the same cliff. That made him even more shaken by the events as he knew that he could have been the victim of the cliff collapse.

But on this particular day when the cliff decided to collapse, he was lucky not to go for a walk. The collapse that unveiled in front of his eyes was dramatic and made him feel both blessed and shocked at the same time.

10. A Fortunate Man

Thomas commented, “I have been fortunate as I usually get to breathe under the cliffs, but I didn’t do today as it a strong tide. He continued, “That included rolling over several rocks.”

Actually, Thomas wasn’t the only one saved from this collapse. Most of the tourists were saved because the tide was quite strong. While the woman disappeared from this terrifying nature event, how often do these cliff collapses happen?

11. Bitter Mother Nature

The astonishing beauty of nature can sometimes be accompanied by certain risks. Admiring its landscapes can sometimes even pose dangers to human life. One of these places are these cliffs too.

But what causes these dangerous collapses are the internal forces of nature that cause them. But this isn’t the only cliff collapse caught on camera that has resulted in the worst possible scenarios.

12. Collapse Catastrophe

In some cases, weather can cause serious damage and result in natural disasters that can take the toll on people’s lives. In September 1996, in Gracetown, near the city of Peth in Western Australia, a cliff collapsed.

People were hiding in their homes and sheltering from the wet and windy weather. But they didn’t know that something else was about to hit them. The last thing they thought could happen was this solid rock formation falling. No one ever doubted the stability of this huge rock.

13. An Unexpected Erosion

Limestone is what most of the cliffs are made of. They slowly get eroded due to wind and weather conditions, and over time they collapse. That’s what happened in Western Australia.

This time, a group of nine people, five adults, and four children were tragically killed. The cliff collapsed on them and left no space for survivals. The following years with nasty weather left the surviving families in fear and despair.

14. Cliff Horror

Helen Thompson who had lost her husband that day spoke about how the event unfolded. She said that she “heard a big thud that sounded like an instantaneous alarm that something had gone wrong”. Then she heard what had happened…

She was well aware that something had gone wrong, but she couldn’t have thought in her wildest dreams that a cliff could collapse. Her first thoughts were that something happened on the road. Unfortunately, she later discovered that it was the collapse of the cliff.

15. Unforgotten Tragedy

Tony Morgan who lost his 12-year-old daughter in this tragic event also shared his sad story. He said, “my youngest son doesn’t like coming down here; it just gives him creeps. It has affected thousands of people in the community, and for such a community, too.”

The rocks that are still there remind these families every day of the painful disaster that came out of nowhere. The tragedy occurred two decades ago, but no one can forget it. The families are still devastated by the cliff collapse.

16. Mysterious Disappearance

But what happened to the mysterious woman who just wanted to enjoy her time on a secluded beach in Northern France? Has she completely vanished without a trace?

Once again, mother nature showed that even in the most dangerous events, she still left some place for hope. The ending of this story, unlike the tragic event in Australia, left a big warning.

17. Lucky Day

Thomas, who took the photos of this unlikely event, reported that the woman was covered from head to toe in dust. But when the lifeguards checked her they discovered something no one expected.

The woman was completely fine, and she had escaped with no injuries. Even though this was not the type of bath she had planned, she had an immense luck that saved her life.

18. Error That Could Have Taken Her Life

The woman was very thankful that her life had been spared. She was completely jolted when finding out that she wasn’t even injured at all. She said that she was guilty of ignoring the warning signs and if she had only followed them none of this could have happened.

She learned an important lesson that mother nature taught her. Never ignore the simple rules, and respect the nature’s unpredictability.

19. Nature Reminder

Mother nature left this woman with no injuries even if this turn of events could have claimed her life. The woman was reminded that we all have to respect the mother nature.

She realized she was the only one to blame for being in that situation because she ignored the warning signs. The sunbather refused to give her name in the news reports.

20. Another Chance

This woman was more than lucky not only to survive this natural event but also to get out of it without any injuries. It seems like nature didn’t want to spoil her the immense beauty that she was enjoying that day.

We believe that this woman will now appreciate this place not only for the unrepeatable landscapes surrounding it but also for another chance she got to appreciate her life even more. She will definitely respect the laws of nature and look at the warning signs with caution. It was a real luck in disguise.

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