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Scientist Engages Kids To Talk About Climate Change By Playing Fortnite

Climate change is a serious problem in the world. Certain ice-based structures have completely disappeared. Places that were once hot are now colder than ever, and the coldest places on Earth are showing signs of deterioration in the ice that forms there. How can scientists really reach as many people as possible?

Whatever you may think about climate change, we should all learn about it. Climate scientist Henri Drake found it difficult to speak to others about the subject and was inspired by a fellow scientist’s tweet to change that.

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Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist had shared on Twitter that a lecture she posted got far fewer views than her 11-year-old son’s Fortnite video.

Thinking that Fortnite would be a great way to reach adults and the youth, Drake said: “I put two and two together and figured I could stream it on Twitch.”

When asked about the type of people that watch his stream, Hendri Drake said: “I get a lot of kids who are scared about what climate change means for their future, they come on and like being able to ask their questions directly to an expert.”

As Drake and his colleagues play the game, viewers are free to ask whatever questions they have about climate change.

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Drake streams on a Twitch channel known as ClimateFortnite.

One user had asked before about what country could replace the United States if they parted from the Paris Climate Agreement, and Henri’s associate Chris answered “China is obviously a large emitter. Because China is such a large impact on the global economy and global emissions they’re someone to watch.”

Although Drake does presentations about climate change at middle schools, he can only reach a handful of kids this way.

With Fortnite as his disposal, Henri Drake can reach far more people and educate them on the dangers of climate change.

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