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Sugar Awareness Groups Protest To Stop Coca-Cola Truck’s UK Tour

Christmas is fast approaching and you know what that means, right? Get ready for all those holiday ads that you’re not sure you love or hate, and the ones that just leave you scratching your head. Coca-Cola is rolling out its big, red delivery truck tour the UK as it has done since 1995.

Set to begin in Glasgow on November 9, the tour is expected to last until the 16th and will visit a total of 24 locations around the UK. This is down from the 42 last year, thanks to the Sugar Smart campaign group.

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Many of us grew up with the Coke brand as a constant part of our lives. We saw our parents, siblings, and other relatives drinking the dark, sugary soda, and never paid it any mind as we chugged it ourselves.

It’s a well-known fact that Coke is riddled with sugar, a fact that drove Sugar Smart and 83 other organizations to sign a letter demanding that the company stop handing out free drinks with what they feel are excessive amounts of sugar.

Thanks to the politicians of some cities, the truck is no longer allowed to make those places part of the tour. In response to the support, campaign coordinator Vera Zakharov said this: “It is welcome news that local authorities are turning their backs on sugary drinks promotions. Hosting the Christmas truck is incompatible with their drive to reduce diet-related disease.”

Sugar Smarts efforts to stop Coca-Cola’s tour altogether through the UK are compounded by the fact that many of the truck’s stops are places where excess weight among adolescents is common.

“I believe the actions we have taken as a business to remove sugar from our drinks and focus our marketing on the no-sugar variants of Coca-Cola show we are committed to acting responsibly and playing our part in addressing some of the challenges you raise,” said Jon Woods, GM of Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland.

The company is making the right move to remove the majority of sugary drinks from their truck, but parents should also refrain from buying those same drinks.

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