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These Are 9 Most Common Reasons For Breaking Up

When you finally get romantically involved with someone, there’s no telling where the relationship might go. The whole point of dating is to find out whether or not you are compatible with the object of our affection. For those of us who have had many relationships and as many break-ups, we often go through the possible reasons for it.

There is no doubt that we’ve all experienced some sort of break-up, but the reasons may vary. Despite that, there are some pretty commons reason people may break up:

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1. People Just Fall Out of Love

It is very easy for some people to fall madly in love with a person. Even so, there’s no telling if that feeling will last the entirety of their relationship. Few people can say that their relationships ended because they fell out of love with each other.

The weirdest part about breaking up this way is that there was no wrongdoing from either party, and it simply happens.

Many surveys cite people answering almost unanimously that this is the reason most couples break up.

2. Finances

Managing your money is of grave importance in any long-lasting relationship. When you are in a relationship, there is no longer any room to mismanage the income you are receiving from your work.

When money becomes part of the reason people break up, it is often a symptom of a larger problem. The biggest money-related many couples had when it came to finance-based breaking up, was because one person had control of the cash.

What one partner may see as an inexpensive purchase the other might see as stupid and unnecessary.

The best way to avoid money becoming an issue in your own relationship is to talk openly with your partner about it.

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3. Infidelity

For those unfamiliar with the word, ‘infidelity’ refers to when people have physical and verbal contact with someone other than their partner. While being one of the reasons at the top of the list for break-ups, it is one of the more rare ones.

The chances of you breaking up due to infidelity are only about 6%. That being said, some see it as an unforgivable offense that warrants no chances to make it right, thereby ending the relationship.

4. Lack of Trust

Trust is essential to building any good relationship with someone. It doesn’t matter what it is, as any form of lying can be viewed as having the potential to get worse with time. Some people may lie unnecessarily about certain things, serving to exacerbate problems they are already having.

About one-third of people cite a lack of trust as the reason for their break-up.

If you tell yourself “it’s just a small lie,” then it might be best to simply not lie about the subject should it come up.

5. Bad Habits

No matter who you are, everyone has a few bad habits. But when you grow as a couple with your partner, neither of you should still retain the bad habits you started out with. If a partner has yet to grow out of their terrible habits after a year or two, they may not ever change.

Bad habits are definitely in the top ten when it comes to break-up reasons.

6. Different Aspirations

Staying together with your partner is quite a bit of work, and it’s even harder if your lifelong dreams don’t really match up. For some people, each partner’s chosen career may fit together perfectly. But other people may not be so lucky.

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What if he’s got no drive to fulfill his life with a good career, but she is all about the career life? What if he wants kids but his girlfriend cannot see herself ever having any?

If your dreams and goals do not match up and you don’t see it happening, breaking up might be the best thing for both of you.

7. Social Isolation

This is more common than some people would care to admit. A girlfriend may not get along with her boyfriend’s family, while he cannot get along with her best friend. If they find it too hard to connect with those closest to you, the relationship should probably end.

8. Complacency and Boredom

This is pretty close to falling out of love. When the relationship simply ceases to bring anyone a sense of joy or fun, a fixable problem results in a permanent solution.

9. Inequality in The Relationship

It’s important to make decisions together. When someone makes a decision without their partner’s input, it can spell disaster for the entire relationship. No one person should be in charge of the pair’s decisions, including who they can and cannot speak to.

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