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9 Countries With The Best Humor

Humor is a great way for strangers to connect. If they’re living in the same country, it’s especially easy to relate to the jokes that comedy shows and comedians are sharing. No matter where you go in the world, humor shares the theme of bringing people together.

Here are the funniest countries in the world:

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1. United Kingdom

Being at the top should come as no surprise to anyone. The UK is responsible for inspiring production companies to copy shows in the United States and other places. The philosophy of British humor is this: ”The ability to laugh at yourself and do so ironically is the pinnacle of humor – the Brits can do that so well.”

If you’re looking for thing related to British humor, check out movies such as Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy, Hot Fuzz, and Shaun of The Dead.

2. United States

One of the most popular shows to come out of this country is Impractical Jokers, which airs on TruTV. Other types of comedy include stand-up, written humor, or visual humor. Many of the gags used in American comedy involve sleight-of-hand.

Some have stated “It depends on what your taste in humor is. I mean, most foreigners think it’s really stupid, but what humor isn’t?”

If you’ve heard the term ‘meme,’ it’s a very popular type of humor that involved manipulating a picture and adding phrases some would find funny.

3. Australia

In a country where most of the wildlife can end you in a single encounter, you have to be a little crazy. Many of the comedians out from down under often sell themselves as lunatics who love a heavy adrenaline rush.

A good look into Australian humor is the Crocodile Dundee series. Dundee is a man who wears a black hat decorated with alligator teeth and carries around a large knife.

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4. Republic of Ireland

There are many fairytales surrounding the land of Ireland. So it’s no surprise some of their jokes would involve tiny men hording pots of gold. For example, one popular joke is “Q: What do you call an Irishman covered in boils? A: A leper-chaun.” Another lovely joke from the inventors of the potato chip is “Q: Why can’t you borrow money from a leprechaun? A: Cos they’re always a little short.”

5. England

While many may often describe English humour as ‘dry,’ comedy in the country has inspired many shows that now exist in the United States. The late 80s show Cheers was inspired by a show called If It’s Not Custard, It’s Mustard.

Popular American television show Modern Family was inspired by And Jeffrey Makes Eleven, a show where a family of eight parents and three children were all 45 years old.

6. Japan

Knowing so many people from Japan personally, it takes a certain type of personality to understand the humor the country focuses on. Some Japanese prank shows will rig office elevators: an occupant steps in and when they press a button for their floor, the floor disappeared and they slide down a soaped up slide.
The same prank show may show office workers getting chased by actors in dinosaur costumes.

7. Italy

Like my own humor, Italians have express themselves in a way that often insults their humorous traits. They also often shape their hands into a pincer shape to emphasize what they’re saying, something many Italian comedians joke they all do too much.

Don’t be surprised if the more popular Italian jokes mention marinara.

8. Russia

People from the country of Russia are often known for their ‘toughness.’ But they can be quite hilarious when they really want to be. Even in their most serious of action movies, directors like to lighten the mood with characters even joking while in the middle of intense fights.

9. India

There’s a booming market in India for all kinds of movies. From the latest romantic comedy to the next secret agent series, they have helped birth some of the most popular Bollywood movies to ever grace the silver screen.

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A Punjabi friend of mine explained to me that the funniest part of Bollywood was how random some of the moments would be.

It is often written to be purposely ridiculous. For example, one movie shows a child kick a soccer ball into the street by accident. Seemingly out of nowhere, dozens of people begin to dance and not once do they mention the ball.

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