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Countries With The Most Paid Vacation Time

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We all need a break from work every now and then. And after working, depending on the employer, you might earn a numerous amount of vacation days. But does every country in the world have the same vacation time from work? You’d be surprised at the amount of time some people get to be away from work.

Here is a list of countries that offer the most vacation days in the world to their population:

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1. Kuwait

If you want vacation time that is unmatched by anyone in the world, Kuwait is the place for you. Everyone employed is entitled to at least 30 days of vacation, with a 5-day work week.

They are also given 13 paid public holidays, bringing the total to a whopping 43 days of vacation time. And after working at the same place for at least two years, they are allotted another 21 days of paid vacation to perform rituals for Haj, if being performed for the first time.

2. Cambodia

With a total of 42 paid days of leave, Cambodia lands in number two for most vacation days. 27 days of paid public holidays are allotted for the year. It is also mandatory that workers receive 15 days minimum vacation time. The best part about working in Cambodia? The higher up you are in rank, the more vacation time you get.

For every 3 years of continuous employment, a person is given another day on top of the 42 days already given.

Forty-two days a year for vacation doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

3. Austria

In addition to the thirteen paid public holidays, the country’s working population also get twenty-five days of annual leave. That is not all, though. Certain things may earn an employee additional leave.

Those with more than two decades of experience are given a set 30 days (in addition to holidays) a year no matter what. Those working during the night are also given additional vacation time.

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Anyone with the misfortune of working on public holidays is given either extra vacation time or twice their daily wage.

4. Syria

The western Asian country has a minimum of 37 days of paid leave. In addition, everyone working is given 13 days of public holidays. 1 year of continuous employment will also earn a worker another 24 days of paid vacation.

It also turns out that your vacation time increases until you reach a decade of employment. At age 50, everyone is entitled to 30 days of vacation regardless of experience level.

5. France

Home to the ‘language of love’, the country of France has a standard of 36 days of paid leave. But there are opportunities to earn even more vacation time. Workers are also entitled to 30 more days of vacation per year, depending on circumstances.

These extra days include Saturday and Sunday, but because the former is not considered a holiday, the total recess comes out to five weeks’ worth of work. Additionally, anyone willing to work more than thirty-five hour is entitled to an additional twenty-two days away from their job.

Time worked during the week cannot exceed thirty-nine hours, the national standard for hours per week. Anyone going past that time is compensated for the extra time put in, instead of being rewarded addition days off.

Any time someone takes a three-day vacation outside of summer, they are awarded a bonus day of leave. Because of that, some people end up with as much as sixty days of vacation time. They’re also given a nice 11 days of paid public holidays per year.

6. Luxembourg

In the western European country of Luxembourg, employees enjoy 35 days regular vacation. They are also given 25 paid leave days with a total of 10 paid public holidays. That puts their total at a whopping 70 days of vacation per year.

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7. Norway

The Norse country’s workforce gets 37 regular vacation days. With 25 paid leave days + 2 for religious practice, and 10 paid public holidays, their total vacation time amounts to a nice 74 days.

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