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People See Cow Drowning After Hurricane And Rush To Save Her

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The weather on planet Earth can be very unpredictable at times. Our most advanced technologies cannot always tell how severe something like a tornado or hurricane will be. The collateral damage they cause can be devastating, destroying hundreds of homes and causing millions of dollars in property damage.

While it is a tragedy to lose one’s family dwelling, some people might be more inclined to help save animals who have been displaced by severe weather. Housepets and farm animals rely on us humans for their safety, and it is our duty as their caregivers and ‘pet-parents’ to ensure they are safe.

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Hurricane Florence was a hurricane not strong in winds but strong in the sheer amount of water it splashed onto the places it flew over.

North Carolina was one of the states to get it from Florence the worst. Severe flood waters engulfed much of the farmland in the state, putting animals and people in danger.

Mike Stura, the founder of New Jersey-based Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, thought he might be able to help with the animal safety down south and so rode his pick-up truck hundreds of miles to help out the animals in need.

Above what was dubbed the ‘flood plains’, Stura and two friends found a couple of pups that needed their assistance. It took no effort to convince the three canines to come with them, giving them a second chance.

While the dogs were starving, they were safely above the water. Stura had received a video from someone of a farmer’s cow struggling just to keep its head above the floodwaters.

It took the strength of eight grown men and a couple of well-placed straps to finally lift the poor bovine out of the gift Hurricane Florence left for North Carolina.

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The farmer who owned the cow said Stura could keep her and any others he managed to get to safety.

The cow now lives at the Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, where she will live a long comfortable cow life for many years to come.

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