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The Road In Mexico Where You Change Lanes

To most of the people, changing sides of the road while driving is a real nightmare. We know how being confident in the car really turns on great driving skills in each and every one of us. So often, people that drive don’t really enjoy having to rent a car in countries where you have to follow the left side of the road.

But, one road in the world seems to accept driving on both sides. We discovered it thanks to the video of this road in Mexico where you change sides that went viral. Just thinking about finding ourselves on this road made us super anxious. Imagine driving downhill on the correct side of the road, and all of a sudden you see a truck approaching you in the same lane as the one you’re already driving in. Not quite the best scenario, right?

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Luckily, the arrows on the road indicate when you should switch the lane and it seems that local drivers are quite relaxed as they are passing by each other in confusing sides of lanes. However, seeing this video made us explore more about the crazy Mexican road.

This road is located on Route 150 between Orizaba, Veracruz and Tehuacán, Puebla. And the reason behind the lane-changing feature is the steep terrain this road was built on. There’s not enough space for cars to maneuver the curves, so switching the side helps in creating more space to successfully carry out curves without losing the speed. If the road stayed the regular way, cars would have to take the widest angle to pass through tight corners and would need to slow down.

So, it turns out that the crazy road of Mexico isn’t that crazy in the end. We’re only wondering if this way of handling steep road is too frightening for drivers or is it actually motivating because of increasing focus for people that drive.

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