Airport Staff Spot A Crying Soldier, Then They Hear “Don’t Let Him Board The Flight!”

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Extraordinary scenes are not news for airports. You get to see everything there: people guffing around while waiting for their next flight, lovers hugging for hours, people crying, and military and soldiers passing by all day. Airport workers are used to that. But, this one scene will be stuck in their mind forever.

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May 4, 2018, may have started as an ordinary day, but it was far from such. Airline staff at a gate noticed a soldier, in a combat uniform, sitting, and staring at his phone for a long time. Nothing was unusual with that scene until they heard him crying openly.

Something was wrong, and his flight needed to take off, so they approach him. As soon as they approach the crying man, they hear someone yell, “don’t let him board the flight!” Soon they discovered who was the person on the other line and why Spc. Brooks Lindsey was crying and what was his story…

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