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Airport Staff Spot A Crying Soldier, Then They Hear “Don’t Let Him Board The Flight!”

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Extraordinary scenes are not news for airports. You get to see everything there: people guffing around while waiting for their next flight, lovers hugging for hours, people crying, and military and soldiers passing by all day. Airport workers are used to that. But, this one scene will be stuck in their mind forever.

May 4, 2018, may have started as an ordinary day, but it was far from such. Airline staff at a gate noticed a soldier, in a combat uniform, sitting, and staring at his phone for a long time. Nothing was unusual with that scene until they heard him crying openly.

Something was wrong, and his flight needed to take off, so they approach him. As soon as they approach the crying man, they hear someone yell, “don’t let him board the flight!” Soon they discovered who was the person on the other line and why Spc. Brooks Lindsey was crying and what was his story…

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30. Meet The Lindseys

Brooks Lindsey was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. This is also where he met his wife, Haley Wilson, in 2015. It was love at first sight.

Both found friends and love in each other and soon became inseparable. Brookes had all life planned he always knew what he wanted to be. He wasn’t sure how Haley would react.

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29. Brooks Wanted To Follow His Dream

Ever since he was a little boy, Brooks knew that he wanted to be a soldier. Moreover, he wanted to be a soldier for the U.S Army. He just didn’t know what Haley has to say about that.

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Surprisingly, yet luckily for Brooks, Haley was fine with his choice. Actually, she wanted to support him each step of the way. Brooks then had different challenges.

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28. Joining The Army As A Soldier

To join the Army one has to be a U.S. Citizen, ages 17-34, to have a high school diploma, and pass both the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test and Military Entrance Processing Station medical exam.

Since he knew what he wanted, Brooks prepared for months and years to pass these exams. Luckily, he entered. Then he and Haley had their first mission together.

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27. Living Together

Soon after Brooks joined the U.S. Army he knew that he wants to spend his life with Haley. So, he decided to ask her to marry him.

Haley said yes. They both realized that they are still pretty young, but they knew that they want to be together and to have a family of their own.

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26. The Lindseys

Following his enlistment, Haley and Brooks married in 2017, becoming one family. This young couple couldn’t wait to start a family together.

Shortly after they exchanged their vows, they had big news to share with their family and friends.

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25. The Big Announcement

When they got married in November of 2017, they had no idea that Haley was actually pregnant. So, when they discovered, they were both happy and surprised.

Immediately, they shared the big news with their family and friends. It was clear to everyone that these two can’t wait to hold their first child.

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24. A Wonderful Life

Ever since they learned that they are about to become parents in nine months, their life changed. They had appointments, baby classes, and much more. Very soon they discovered the baby’s gender.

They had no preferences when it comes to having a baby boy or baby girl, they just wanted to have a healthy baby. Still, they loved it when they learned about the baby’s sex.

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23. The Big Annoncement

The doctor gave the couple some amazing news: they would have a baby girl! They couldn’t be more excited about welcoming a baby girl into this world.

While they enjoyed their days together and preparation for their baby girl until news messed with their happiness.

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22. Duty Calls

Brooks wanted to be with his wife every day and support her through the pregnancy. After all, he knew that if Army comes knocking, he needs to respond. That’s just what happened.

Brooks was a part of the 2nd Battalion, 114th Field Artillery Regiment. So, he had to go to Fort Bliss, Texas, for training. Afterward, he would deploy to Kuwait for nine months.

NEXT: Brooks had to go oversea soon

21. Saying Goodbye Was Hard

Brooks hated saying goodbye to his loved wife, but he knew that he had no choice. However, he felt peacefull because Haley’s pregnancy was progressing well enough.

So, knowing that he leaves everything safe and well at home, he started getting ready for his shipment. At the time, he didn’t know if he would witness the birth of his daughter.

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20. Going Away

When Brooks left for his training, Haley was 7-months pregnant. They headed toward the airport with sadness in their hearts. But, they knew that the duty comes first.

Since they had no idea when they are going to meet again, they agreed to name their baby girl. So, now Haley was expecting Millie.

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19. The Separation

Although they were separated and missed each other, they knew that they have things to focus on. Brooks had to stay alive, and Haley had to take care of her pregnancy.

In the beginning, everything was fine with Haley’s pregnancy. She had a little high blood pressure, but rather than that everything was going well.

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18. Returning Home Is An Option?

Soldiers have often to put their family second, even when it comes to the birth of their children. Sadly, only a few soldiers can actually return for the birth of their children.

Haley and Brooks knew that it was difficult to get Brooks home, but it wasn’t impossible. After all, the Red Cross could help.

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17. Planning Together For The Future

As mentioned, only a few soldiers can actually return for the birth of their baby. In order for that to happen, the Red Cross has to sign off on the case, and actually confirm that the soldier leave is worth it.

Brooks and Haley hoped that it was that easy. However, it wasn’t. The only way from the Red Cross to support Brooks, was if Haley was in distress.

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16. The Final Answer Was No

Haley’s pregnancy was going as planned, so Brooks had no strong reason to return home and be there for the birth of his daughter. Needless to say, both Brooks and Haley were devasted.

Although they were sad about the situation, both knew that they just have to wait until they meet. But, then everything changed one Thursday morning and went down the hill.

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15. An Unexpected Turn Of Events

One Thursday morning Haley went to a routine doctor’s appointment. She believed that it will be like any other routine checkup. But…

Shockingly, Haley’s blood pressure had gone through the roof. And the doctor had some bad news for Haley.

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14. New Trouble

The doctor explained to Haley that high blood pressure can mean that Millie, the baby, was going through some troubles inside the womb.

To learn how is baby doing, the doctor ordered extensive blood work on Haley, to rule out any possible complications. In the meantime, he told the mother-to-be to go home and wait for the results. Haley didn’t know if she should be happy (this was a possibility for Brooks to come home), or devastated, although she didn’t know hoe jeopardized the baby is. Then she received an unexpected call.

NEXT: Haley was in shock when she heard this message

13. The Phone Call

Haley went home and she couldn’t calm her mind. Then, the phone started to ring. She picked up, and couldn’t believe her ears.

The doctor called Haley to inform her about the test results. He told her that she was preeclamptic. Simpy said the baby was stressing, due to Haley’s high blood pressure.

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12. Haley Was In Danger

Haley being preeclamptic actually meant that her high blood pressure made more damage than she believed. It affected other organs, including kidneys, and liver. So, they had to act as quickly as possible, to protect Millie.

Haley’s condition got worse by the minute, and the doctor decided that it’s time to take Haley to the hospital.

NEXT: Millie was on her way out

11. Emergency Induction

The doctor and his team had to induce because the most important thing was to keep the baby and the mother safe.

Before everything kicked off, Haley called Brooks. He was so excited. Now, Brooks could gain emergency leave and see next to his wife and welcome their baby girl. But, before he could pack and go, the Red Cross needed to grant him emergency leave.

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10. The Emergency Leave

As soon as Brooks heard about the situation from his wife, he told her to contact the Red Cross, so they know what’s happening. He then contacted them.

The Red Cross had to confirm Haley’s condition to order Brook’s leave. Soon after, Brooks could go and met his wife. He was happy and worried about his wife’s condition.

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9. Booking A Flight

Finally, it was time for Brooks to return home. At the time he had no idea how long he would actually travel. So, he started by searching the soonest and the shortest flight from El Paso to Jackson.

In so short time, he could only find a flight with a layover in Dallas. What made things worse was the fact that flights for the day were full. So, he had to wait until the following morning at 10 AM. So, he did what he could at that time: stayed at the airport.

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8. Brooks Did His Best

Haley was devastated when she heard that Brooks won’t make it on time. Now, she was both, scared and alone. In the meantime, Brooks gave his best to come home on time.

Brooks kept trying to find an early flight, but no luck. It seemed like Brooks will reach home after Millie’s birth. That was better than not returning home at all, but it didn’t make them happy. They had no idea that real roller-coaster just started…

NEXT: It was time to go

7. Haley’s Water Broke

The following morning, Brooks was trapped at the airport, and Haley’s water broke, exactly at 7 AM. Milley could appear at any moment. Brooks was still waiting for his flight.

Finally, Brooked boarded at 10 AM and landed in Dallas around 2 PM. The very first thing he did as soon as he landed, was calling Halley. At that moment, Haley was five centimeters dilated.

NEXT: Another delay for Brooks

6. Getting Home

Everything went down the hill for Brooks from that moment. It seemed that he won’t reach home on time, and on top of that, his next flight was delayed from 3:55 PM to 5:45.

Back at the hospital, Haley entered the final stages of labor. Before she started giving birth, she decided that she wants her stepmother and her mother in law with her. At 5:00 PM it was time to go.

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5. Birth Time

Meanwhile, Brooks was thousands of miles away from his wife. He was heartbroken not to be able to witness the birth of his daughter. But, no one knew that his mother, Teresa, had a secret plan…

Once Haley’s delivery begun, the doctor specifically told everyone present that recording is forbidden. But, Teresa couldn’t stand aside and let her son miss the birth of his daughter. So, she decided to ignore the doctor’s instructions and dialed the number.

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4. A Secret FaceTime Call

Teresa shoved the phone in front of her shirt. But it didn’t take long for the doctor to notice it and asked her what she was doing… Teresa had no choice but to show the phone’s screen. There he saw Brook’s face, together with Haley.

Luckily, Lindsey’s doctor was familiar with the situation and understood how important it was for Brooks to be there. In any form. On the other hand, Brooks couldn’t believe that his daughter is on her way.

NEXT: The doctor had the last say

3. “Don’t Let Him Board!”

Brooks was supporting his wife every second until he saw airport staff member approaching him, and encouraged him to board the plane. Otherwise, he would miss his flight. That’s when the doctor said: – “Don’t Let Him Board!” The baby was just one push away.

But, Brooks ignored him. He stayed glued to the phone. People around him realized what happened and even they tried to delay the flight. In no time, Brooks had the crowd around him. And when Millie saw the light of the day, he started crying. Thanks to the crew members who postponed the flight, Brooks was blessed to see his daughter being born.

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2. A Happy Delay

Brooks saw his baby girl because his flight was delayed. There are still good things in bad moments. In the end, Brooks still had a flight to hop on. He was on his way to meet his baby girl. Finally.

When Brooks finally made it to the hospital, he was so excited and happy that both Haley and Millie were fine. Millie weighed 7 pounds and 6 ounces. She was 21 inches long. When Brooks picked up his baby girl, he held her for five minutes straight. He just couldn’t let her go. He said that she was perfect.

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1. Happily Ever After

Tracy Dover, filmed Brooks while he was at the airport and that’s how the video went viral. Once the girls were back home, Brooks learned how to change diapers and he enjoyed family time.

Nowadays, he is back from the Army and enjoys his time with his girls.

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