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This 90-Year-Old Woman Paints On The Walls Of Her Village And Her Dedication Will Melt Your Heart

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Source: phidy1800

Art has become a big part of home improvement over the years. Some have asked for their room or entire sides of a house to be painted in a special way. A 90-year-old woman from a small village shows us that decorative art is not just a young person’s game.

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In the Czech Republic village of Louka, Anezka Kasparkova, a former agriculture worker for 30 years, has taken it upon herself to beautify the outside walls of the dwellings where she lives. Despite her age, Anezka does not let that stop her from creating intricate designs that adorn doorways and window frames.

Having picked up the hobby from other local women, Anezka creates floral designs inspired by artwork originating from her home country. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but because she was into her hobby and just as skilled, she gained recognition both locally and internationally.

Source: phidy1800

Anezka Kasparkova is a rarity among artists in the modern day, as she is one of the few who isn’t in it for the money. “I am an artist. I just enjoy it and I want to help.”

All the work she does is spur of the moment, painting designs as the inspiration comes to mind. Working with this process is likely to ensure that none of the older artist’s patterns are ever repeated. Although winter slows her down due to temperature, she’s back at it when the warmer seasons come.

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Source: phidy1800

It may not be what we know as the modern day ‘street artist’, but Anezka definitely fits into the category. She now carries on the spirit of Manakova, the woman who first taught her to paint the floral patterns.

Take a page from Anezka Kasparkova’s book and do what you love. You’re never too old to chase that dream of yours and capture it.

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