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Dad Takes Over His Daughter’s Instagram As A Punishment For Having A Sleepover With Boys

A long time ago, when your parents punished you, you had to stay in your room and study in your free time. Nowadays, things got much worse because teenagers have two options: you are punished without the phone for a week, or you are punished without the phone for a month. And they get to choose.

In the world of the rising Generation Z, that’s pure horror. This is precisely what happened to young Madelynn after her parents learned that she lied to them. Actually, they did even more and took her social profiles. Read on to see how people reacted to hilarious posts by these original parents.

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30. Not A Regular Sleepover

Madelynn Sumpter is just another 15-yeard-old, from Dallas, Texas, who loves to have sleepovers. Moreover, her parents are okay with that.

After all, having a girl sleepover is a great bonding experience. But, is it only with girls?

29. Discovering The Truth

It seems that Madelynn has healthy and open relations with her parents.

But it doesn’t mean that she won’t do what teenagers do in general, go around the truth, if possible.

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28. Can I Have A Sleepover?

Madelynn, like a nice kid and respectful to her parents, asked if she can have a sleepover. Because they trust her, they said yes.

That was probably not the first time than Madelynn slept outside the home, or have people over. But, she missed sharing one small detail.

27. No Boys Allowed?

Young Madelynn Sumpter overlooked to tell her parents they there will be boys included as well. As it turns out, they are not fans of being lied.

So, once her parents learned that boys were sneaking in, they do what every modern parent would do. They gave her an ultimatum.

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26. To Phone Or Not To Phone

As soon as Madelynn’s parents, Tawnya Ford and Larry Sumpter, discovered that their daughter lied to them, they talked with her and presented her their ultimatum.

The ultimatum was pretty harsh: she had to choose to give them her phone for a month or give them a phone and control over her social media for just two weeks. So, she made a hard decision.

25. Just Take The Phone

Madelynn realized that two weeks would pass faster than four weeks, so her choice was two weeks with her parents controlling her social media.

She probably thought that they won’t use her accounts anyway. Oh, boy! She had no idea that in no time, her parents will be rocking the social media world.

24. Super Social Dad

It seems that the mastermind behind taking over Madellynn’s social persona, was her dad, Larry, 43 years old. He kicked off the campaign ‘against’ his daughter by taking over Instagram first.

Of course, he had sidekicks as well, a wife, two sons, friends, and even an aunt. What makes this thing hilarious is the fact that these ‘oldies’ had the time of their lifetime. And they had thousands of likes and even went viral. Old school, rockin’ it!

23. Going Full-Time Social

The teen’s dad came up with really creative ways to torture his daughter’s accounts. He even posted daily. Even today, people are asking for him.

Larry posted selfies, videos, and even called Madelynn’s followers to follow him, on Madelynn’s Tik Tok for more fun.

22. Wrong Decision

Larry said that Madelynn didn’t blink twice when she decided to let them use her social accounts.

Moreover, it looked that giving the phone for a month was just too much to bear. Soon, she changed her mind.

21. The First Post

Madelynn had two ways to discover what was happening on her social media. Either her family shows her or friends in school.

So, the day one punishment was on November 11. Larry started posting, and that first-day, Madelynn regretted her decision.

20. Madelynn Doesn’t Post Here Anymore

Just before posting for his daughter, Lary wanted to announce to everyone that his daughter is no more in charge of her social life.

This is very thoughtful of him, right? We believe that Madelynn actually had no idea just how social her dad really is. Check his very first post.

19. Madelynn, Move Over

So, back to November 11. On that day, Lary posted for the first time on Madelynn’s Instagram.

He just uploaded a smiling selfie with a caption ‘Felt cute. Might delete later.’ At that moment, Madelynn wanted her phone back. But…

18. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

After the very first post, Madelynn begged him to take her phone for a month instead. Of course, it was too late now for a change of heart.

Also, Lary wanted to show his daughter that words and action matter, and she had to learn a big lesson here – of telling the 100% direct truth.

17. Feeling Cute Might Delete Later

The very first post was very much in the spirit of social media. Therefore, Lary showed everyone that he has a meme game on, and he was ready to prove it.

In January 2017, Twitter user @PapaCone_ tweeted an illustration of the SpongeBob Squarepants character Squidward, and it all took it from there. It seems that Lary was on a mission to beat this meme popularity.

16. Too Many Ideas

When Madelynn asked to change her punishment from two weeks to four weeks, her father told her no. He also added that he had too many ideas.

With this, the series on embarrassing photos could start. In two weeks period, the world had an opportunity to see fifty shades of Madelynn’s family.

15. Lary The Environmentalist

In a short time, the world learned so much about Lary. For example, he is passionate about saving the turtles in his free time.

This was an excellent way for him to address the upcoming issue and also show parents how they can have fun while parenting. But wait! There is more.

14. Lary The Safety Man

Lary did a fantastic job with hip and trendy captions. Is he even on social media? Because, if he is, he should have thousands of followers.

According to this photo, safety comes first. No worker should go out without a personal helmet. Thank you for reminding us, Lary. Thank you for this beach-meets-cowboy look, as well.

13. All You Need Is A Team

The whole family worked as a team while the Madelynn’s phone was in their hands. So, dad, mom, brother, and aunt even teamed up. They had a blast!

For this highly demanding cat-walk, boys choose Maddie’s song ‘Girl In A Country.’ Wonder what she thinks about their performance.

12. Lary The Fitness Guru

Lary worked hard to educate people on various and healthy topics. As a real runner (we are still not sure about this one), Lary decided one morning to help people run better.

So, he gave them some fantastic tips on how to run inside their homes. He also shared terrific tips on how to stop sweating on the face and head.

11. Happy Running

No one loves to see their parents in weird outfits, but this running gear is to die for! Just look how well he is styled. Even his socks are matching his wristbands and tennis head.

One follower even shared that she would be mortified if she saw her dad out in this running gear! We share your opinion, Karen.

10. Number Of Followers Going Up

The funny thing is that Madelynn opened her social accounts just a few days before her parents took over her social life.

Until that moment, she had, on average, between 270 to 350 likes per post, but her dad doubled those numbers over night. Now, Madelynn holds thousands of likes per post.

9. It Takes Two To Tango

Lary dominated Madelynn’s accounts, but he couldn’t do it without support. So, the first team – Lary and wife Tawnya did their best to deliver fun.

They loved TiKTok, and they did a great job. Maybe we can expect a mutual account soon?

8. Three Is Not A Crowd

Three’s a crowd, doesn’t reflect this family. Actually, with three kids in the house, the rule is probably – the more, the merrier.

Accordingly, Lary had special people in his videos, such as his wife and Madelynn’s younger brother. Even Madelynn appeared in one of the videos.

7. Big Fun

Great fun with amazing Heathers. Moreover, this song took the TikTok by storm. You don’t get to see parents and children singing this song unless you are Madelynn and her dad.

In that case, you get to TikTok at the game night. Nothing weird here. We just see dad supporting his baby cheerleader.

6. Friends Joined In

When you start doing something fun and new, people want it. Therefore, we can say that Lary was a leader in these hilarious two weeks.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a friend jumped in. Parent takeover day 6 brought shirtless BBF’s in identical orange jackets. If you ever feel blue, look at this photo!

5. Hatters Gonna Hate!

Hatters are always going to hate. But if you are this cool dad, then you know that you will have no haters. How to hate this attitude and pink?

Parents easily become silly. After all, they used to young(er) and had different lives than today. Some, like Lary, keep their youth longer.

4. Lary The Influencer

To show how serious his work is, Lary created hit own hashtags. This is a good way of building an online community.

You can find Lary’s work and similar parents’ actions under #parenttakeover and #makebetterchoices.

3. She Didn’t Saw This Coming

Tawnya said that Madelynn should have expected something like this from her father. After all, he is really passionate about embarrassing his children.

Once, he picked her up from school dressed as the mascot. Tawny even said that they are down to embarrassing their children.

2. Lary Kept His Word

As a true educator, Lary kept his word and gave her daughter her phone and social life back.

Moreover, he had one last post to round off his two weeks adventure and show his daughter how much he loves her.

1. Saying Goodbye

After two weeks of running his daughter’s social life successfully, Lary handed her over her phone with a wish that she learned enough during this period. And he shared that on the last post on her Instagram.

He put a photo of Madellyn when she was little, with a simple caption, “I’m back sweeter than ever and ready to make some good choices.”

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