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Before You Book: Here Are The Places You Should Think Twice About Traveling To

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Traveling is one of the most exciting activities one can have. In fact, it is often referred to as the only thing you can buy that actually ends up making you richer. The experiences you live while traveling are among the ones that get stuck into your memory forever. But, sometimes it can also come with some risks.

If you’re thinking about traveling to some of the most exotic destinations on Earth, you should know that a lot of them might be on the list of countries that hide precarious personal safety conditions. According to the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, these are the places you should reconsider traveling to before booking your flight.

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1. Colombia

Although it is definitely among the most exotic, cultural trips you could experience, Colombia is a place where criminal activities such as extortion, robbery and kidnapping are very widespread.

To all people travelling to Colombia, the Department of State advises to have increased caution because of the crime and terrorism. Unfortunately, demonstrations and protests are more than common in this country, and violent crime including homicide, assault or armed robbery occur more than often.

2. Yemen

Yemen is considered as a risky destination for foreigners due to military conflict, terrorism and civil unrest. But, among all travelers, Americans might be at the highest risk. Rebel groups target and detain U.S. citizens, more often than other nationalities.

Be aware that Al-Qaeda is also present in this country, so unexpected air strikes could happen literally at any time. Another problem is that Yemen experiences lack of water and medicine quite often. It might not seems as a great place to visit anymore, right?

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3. El Salvador

El Salvador surely looks like a great destination for travelers. However, this country is very unpredictable because of the critical levels of crime.

Getting robbed in El Salvador won’t be a big surprise there. Hikers and climbers in national parks of El Salvador have also reported armed robberies. It seems that the safety situation in the country is so bad that even the Peace Corps stopped their program.

4. Pakistan

This might surprise you, but Pakistan is a country that experiences significant terrorist violence. Kidnapping for ransom is often resorted by the foreign and indigenous terrorist groups.

Not only, but this country has also had religious conflicts for years now. As if wasn’t enough, Pakistan has a raging militancy and its law and order is only deteriorating with time.

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5. Nigeria

Being a dollar-friendly country, some U.S. residents think of Nigeria to be a friendly country. However, tourists are asked to reconsider visiting this country. Going there will indeed bring some risks along, such as armed robbery, assault, carjacking, kidnapping or rape.

Crime, terrorism and piracy levels in this country are very high which is why going there is considered to be very unadvisable. As if it wasn’t enough, the country is also among the most dangerous places on earth to drive.

6. Venezuela

Unfortunately, this beautiful country became a dangerous place to visit only recently. The risks arising for visitors are due to political instability which devastated the economic state of the country.

Not only the capital of Caracas is witnessing everyday violent crime, but the whole country also experiences shortages of water, food, medicine and other basic necessities.

7. Egypt

Although The Arab Spring is behind us, the civil unrest is still active. But that’s not everything that you should know before visiting one of the world’s center of ancient civilizations. Egypt is also at risk from ISIS and other extremist groups.

Not only do they pose threat to public venues, but they also attack tourist sites. People that still decide to go are advised not to visit the Sinai Peninsula, the Western Desert and not to go to the Egyptian border.

8. Kenya

If you’re a passionate traveler, Kenya is surely on your list of countries you should visit. However, it is still among the most dangerous countries to visit and, in fact, according to the State Department, you should exercise increased caution when going to Kenya.

The capital of Nairobi is at high risk of terrorist attacks, but also other sites outside the city are at risk too. In Kenya, armed carjacking, robbing, home invasion and kidnapping are too common for it to be considered a safe destination.

9. Honduras

If you’re in love with countries with wild nature and jungles, than Honduras is surely one of the places you want to visit. However, this country in Central America is known to have a high level of murder rates.

According to a Mexican study, San Pedro Sula is the most violent city in the world with having 169 murders per 100,000 people. Homicide and armed robbery occur quite often here. Also, human trafficking and gang activity are widespread here.

10. Ukraine

Due to the political conflict between Ukrainian and Russian forces in the regionst of Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea, Ukraine is considered as a dangerous country to go to.

Often, gangs target foreigners for mugging. If you’re travelling to this country, be cautious and alert that it is quite likely that you might experience or witness petty theft or some form of street crime.

11. Philippines

This comes as a surprise to most people, but Philippines is a country with a lot of security problems. There are several militant groups that get their funds by kidnapping people for ransom. Often, the targets of the kidnapping are foreigners.

According to OSAC, the most common crimes of urban Philippine areas are physical assault, robbery and theft. There are also crimes related to methamphetamine production and its further distribution.

12. Lebanon

The beautiful arabic country is very unpredictable. While Beirut might sound like a wonderful city to visit, the country is at threat of terrorism, armed clashes, and kidnapping.

Also, Lebanon has borders with Syria and Israel, which are both countries that are in war. Hezbollah and ISIS are both active and operate in Lebanon. Stay away from refugee settlements because there is an increased risk of armed conflict.

13. Mali

According to the State Department, you should reconsider traveling to Mali due to its critical level of crime. In Mali, especially in the regions of northern and central Mali, kidnapping and armed robbery occur very often.

Armed and terrorist groups often target night clubs, hotels, or other sites visited by foreigners to plot the kidnappings and attacks. If you really have to visit this country, be extremely cautious.

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