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Best Quotes From Death Wish

Charles Bronson shook the world with his role in ‘Death Wish’ movie in 1974, and Bruce Willis was on the same path in 2018.

A novel of the same name got its first movie adaptation in 1974 when Bronson was cast to bring to the big screen provocative subject and its themes. What is concerning about the original film and modern version of this film is the fact that some subjects are still relevant even today.

Bruce Wills took upon himself a hard task of a widow and a father that is on a mission of making a world a better place. Starting with ‘Mud City.’

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Bruce Willis plays Paul Kersey, a renowned Chicago trauma surgeon, a well-respected member of the community, who enjoys true family life. His wife Lucy (Elisabeth Shue) is his big love and support, while their mutual and at the moment only concern is their daughter’s Jordan (Camila Morrone), moving and starting college life.

As his birthday approaches, Paul is ready to celebrate it with his loved ones. However, he was called into work at the last minute. Regardless, his wife and daughter decide to bake a cake for him and to cheer him up when he gets home. But, the two are surprised by three masked burglars, who were after the family’s possessions. In a short period of time, things go from bad to worse, and Jordan is knocked unconscious, while Lucy is shot.

Paul is shocked when he hears the news about his daughter being in a coma, and his wife being killed. He learns very fast that although police want to help they can’t do much, and he accepts that for them the crime will eventually be forgotten. Paul asks for justice and decides to take the law into his own hands. His ultimate goal is to find people responsible for his family apart.

In a short period of time, Paul got himself a gun that he learned to use fast. In addition, he became quite skillful with it. With proper tools and skills, Paul is set to go beyond the law and clean up the streets of Chicago, one worthless punk at a time.

Death Wish Quotes

1.”It had nothing to do with you.”, Dr. Paul Kersey

2.”You’re going to have to tell that to your face.” Lucy Kersey,

3.”This is a process. It’s going to take time.”, Dr. Jill Klavens

4.”I hope it was worth it.”, Dr. Paul Kersey

5.”Stick to saving lives. You’re good at it.”, Detective Kevin Raines

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