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A Deer Mother Makes An Unexpected Visit To A Store And Makes The Storekeeper’s Day

The story of Lori Jones, a woman working in a little shop at the Horsetooth Inn and RV Park, echoed around all the world. Before Christmas, everyone starts decorating their homes and doing their holiday shopping. And it seems that this wasn’t an exception for this particular mother too.

Seeing certain domesticated animals in stores is a particular event itself, but this story definitely left a bigger impact on the storekeeper. Lori was having another regular day at her job when an unexpected visitor arrived. Even though she was quite used to seeing local wildlife in the beautiful scenery around her workplace, she was stunned when a mother deer appeared on the doorway.

Image credits: Lori Jones

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As if it wasn’t already a rarely spectacular event, few moments after the wild doe decided to walk right in the shop, browsing around as if she were just another regular customer. Lori looked the curious deer in astonishment and couldn’t believe her eyes.

Lori told Dodo that she was cracking up of laughter and said :”It was hilarious. She was looking at the sunglasses and the chips. I was laughing so hard.”

Image credits: Lori Jones

However, it wasn’t the first time Lori has seen this beautiful animal. The doe and her family were seen in the area, but they never entered a building or were seen strolling around the shops! Luckily for us, Jones managed to take photos of the entire event.

When Lori realized the deer didn’t really want to go away, so she decided to escort her outside. Jones lured it to the field with a peanut butter in order to get it out of the store. The wild doe followed her, and the woman thought that it was the end of their little friendship.

But she was wrong. Lori couldn’t even imagine what was about to happen. Half an hour later, the deer mother with her entire family showed up at the doorway.

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Image credits: Lori Jones

“About 30 minutes later, here comes the deer again with her whole family,” Jones said. “I’m in the office doing inventory, and I come out to find her there. This time she brought back her twins, and this one young buck that she adopted.”

Image credits: Lori Jones

Once again, the mother entered the store, but the polite deer kids stayed on the doorway. In fact, Lori recalled “They were just looking in the doorway like, ‘Can we come in too?’ I said, ‘No’. It was so funny.”

Image credits: Lori Jones

Knowing that her peanut bar tactic worked out pretty well, Jones decided to lure the family to the field once more with it. Although there’s a policy against feeding wildlife Lori was well aware of, she still decided to honor the cute deer family with a small snack.

In a matter of seconds, the deer were running back to the forest. As they trotted away, she called out at the lovely deer mother “Take your children home!”.

Lori remained with a great feeling of delight and was grateful that these wildlife creatures made her day so special. The storekeeper will remember that day for the rest of her life.

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“It was just a lovely thing to see,” Jones said. “The population of wildlife here is just astounding. We have mountain lions, bighorn sheep, deer, raccoons — you name it. They have to fend for themselves. That’s nature. But I think they’re all wonderful.”

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