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Your Diet Determines Your Chances Of Getting High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a serious issue among many people, even if they don’t know it. As far as the medical field is aware, such problems typically increase when a person gets older. While this may seem like a given, there could be other factors people may not consider.

Most people don’t consider how the things they eat may affect their blood pressure. Things high in sodium and sugar are known to cause high blood pressure, but most people wouldn’t think to measure their intake of either.

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Researchers recently conducted a study with the Yanomami and Yekwana people of the Venezuelan rain forest, two almost completely isolated from the rest of the modern world. From the Yekwana were 83 and the Yanomami 72 men, women, and children ranging from toddler age to senior.

According to medical science, a relatively normal bp number is between 100/60 and 120/80

The two group of people have a lot of things in common, but their relative blood pressure was not one of them. The average for the Yekwana about 104/66, but for the Yanomami was 95/63.

In the older generation of the studied group, the Yekwana had an increased average blood pressure of 114/73, but surprisingly the Yanomami peoples’ average did not change.

Noel. T. Mueller, an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins, said “That blood pressure rises over age is probably not a natural phenomenon, but a cumulative effect of exposure to the Western diet. Following a healthful diet low in processed food and salt can help reduce the risk of hypertension.”

Hypertension is the clinical name for high blood pressure. For most people, the problem can easily be solved by watching their salt intake very closely. Any foods high in sodium are guaranteed to increase blood pressure.

Watch what you eat closely and you should have no problem maintaining your ideal blood pressure.

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