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20 Scandals The Discovery Channel Tried To Hide From Viewers

The Discovery Channel should be about showing its audience hidden and forgotten all around the world. In general, it should be about discovery, right? But, what happens when the audience discovers something that Discovery Channel could never predict? Something about this famous Channel?

It seems that nowadays the Discovery Channel is about scandals about the shows, cast and crew members. After all, Discovery Communications – the owner of Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and TLS, is no stranger when it comes to controversy and misleading their audience, or something even worse. Take a look at the biggest scandals in Discovery Channel history. You won’t believe that this behavior brought them gigantic money.

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30. Bear Grylls Was Fired from Discovery Channel

Man Vs. Wild showed Bear Grylls doing everything to survive. He had to hunt, eat live animals, and even drink his urine to survive. Even Barack Obama joined him in one episode. Man V.s Wild run for six seasons until Bear said ‘no’ to the network.

Apparently, Bear wasn’t interested in participating in two of the network’s upcoming projects. Instead, to extend his original show, Discovery decided to fire him.

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29. The Alaskan Bush People Are Not Really Alaskan

The Alaskan Bush People show shook Discovery when people started realizing that so much about this show is actually a lie. They weren’t Alaskan and their home was only 10 miles away from the city center.

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Billy, Bear, Bam Bam, Noah, Matthew, and Gabriel and family members who claimed that they were born and raised in the wild, while they were actually living in Texas and Colorado. But, that wasn’t all.

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28. The Brown Family Pleaded Guilty

The Brown family made false statements about their life and pleaded guilty. They lied about their residence so they could receive government checks.

The government pays full-time residents of southeastern Alaska, thousands of dollars to remain the state. For their wrongdoings, Billy Brown and Bam Bam were sentenced to 30 days in jail.

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27. American Guns And Big Controversy

Americans are huge lovers of guns, and this American Guns show told that obsession first hand. The Wyatt family showed first-*hand how it is to run a hun shop in the States.

Although people seemed to like the show, it was canceled after only two seasons. Many believe that Discovery decided to not renew it becuase of gun-related tragedies such as Sandy Hook Elementary Shcool, but that wasn’t the case.

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26. Gunsmoke Guns Was Ripped Off

Discover simply decided to pull the plug ion the show, without any special reason. But what made a buzz about this sow, was the fact that Wyatt’s store was burglarized.

Back in 2013, a thief broke into the store by cutting a hole in the roof. The following day 3 rifles, and 12 handguns were missing. But, the Wyatt family had it more coming their way.

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25. Richard Wyatt Never Had a Gun License

People were shocked when the information that Richard Wyatt actually wasn’t authorized to sell guns. In the middle of filming the show, he lost his Federal Firearms License for violations of federal laws and regulations. Until this day no one knows which laws and regulations he violated.

So, how did he sell guns? He simply continued selling guns through a straw Federal Firearms license that belonged to someone else. However, the license wasn’t the only thing that Richard kept hidden.

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24. Richard Failed To Report Tax

As it turns out, Richard fall to report $1.1 million for personal income, for the period between 2009 and 2012. Richard was also charged with filing a false tax return.

Also, he was found guilty on 10 felony counts, including evasion charges, nine tax fraud, and operating with firearms without a license. Wait, there is more.

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23. American Guns Had A Stolen Gun On The Show

American Guns’ had a lot of shady things going on. No wonder that the network canceled it. The biggest fail was when Richard tried to sell a stolen gun on the show.

At the end of the first season, a man tried to seel an antique Colt Pistol worth$20,000. The gun was stolen from the private collection and a viewer recognized it. The man was charged.

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22. Sons of Guns’ Kim Ford and Stephanie Hayden Were Behind The Bars

The Discovery really dodged a bullet by canceling Sons of Guns. As it turns out, the Hayden family was full of criminals.

Stephanie’s father was arrested first. Soon after, Stephanie and her husband joined him. They were charged for the cruelty of juveniles (toward their son).

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21. Dual Survival And Murder Accusations

Cody Lundin filed a lawsuit against the network, claiming that his co-host, Joe Teti threatened to kill him during the filming.

According to Lindin, this was the second time that Teti threatened him. The first treat happened while filming in Hawaii and the second one in Norway. Even today, Lundin claims that Joe showed him the photos of people he claimed to kill.

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20. The Naked And Afraid

The ides of the show was simple: get a man and a woman naked for 21 days and watch them survive. But if the crew meddles it becomes a fake show.

The runners eventually admitted that they were getting help from the cast when they were hungry, thirsty, and sick. Completely dishonest, no? But, that wasn’t the only dishonest thing in this show.

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19. Naked And Afraid Had A Script

The Naked And Afraid Show promised people raw survival. But the Season 3 revealed that much was actually planned. Honora, the 3rd season contestant, took the truth out on her blog.

She said that they had help from the crew and that producers actually coached her on what to say about her background. She faked medical condition to get off the show.

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18. Counting Cars

Pawn Start got a spin-off in 2012, known as Counting Cars. Naturally, the show was based on crew buying, selling and customizing unique cars at their shop.

So, potential buyers and guests could actually visit the shop to see cars. However, they didn’t like what the saw: the shop was located in a suspicious place and the car prices were over the roof.

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17. American Pickers

American Pickers was a show based on finding Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, as they search the country in the hope to find treasures. They also had a side-kick, store manager, Danielle.

However, the truth is that producers would receive things from various collection and they would sort through and keep valuable items. So, the findings are far from lucky.

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16. Pawn Stars Followed American Pickers

Pawn Start naturally followed the same protocol as the American Packers did. Moreover, it seemed that Rick Harrison had a friend for every item.

The real experts of the show were actually producers. So, whenever Rick called a friend to examine the item, in reality, it went to producers and they would call in an expert.

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15. American Restorations

American Restorations is another Pawn Stars spin-off, following the team that brings your old stuff back to life.

The crew did their best to make old stuff as new as possible. However, they had a few moments where they actually almost ruined people’s items or ruined completely.

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14. They Really Don’t Work Here

Pawn Stars is a show about the lives of Chum Lee, Corey, Rick, and The Old Man as they inspect and buy items. Yes, they worked at their shop just in front of the camera. You can’t see them working in the shop today.

Whenever they are in the shop it gets in the way of the customers and potential sales. Especially if the camera is around. Today, you can only see them in the shop if the filming is scheduled.

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13. Price Was Always Arranged Advance

When it comes to shows such as American Pickers, finding the collections wasn’t the only staged sting. The price was staged as well.

It may seem that Frank and Mike always bicker on screen, but that is all an act, from the beginning to the end. The truth is that the target price is chosen by the seller and producers before the pickers meet them.

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12. The Swamp People

The Swamp People show is about the everyday lives of alligator hunters living in Louisiana. It is wild already, but not even close to things that were happening off-screen.

Every member of the show has had legal battles, mostly related to domestic home violence. No wonder that so massive change happened.

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11. Swamp People Shift

A huge shift was seen in cast members. At least a dozen of them were replaced as they were nothing. The reason?

Until this day Discovery remains silent on their reasons. Once the season seven premiered fans still had no valid explanation on where were they, favorite members.

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10. Mountain Men Reality

Mountain Men gave people an insight into how it is to live in the mountains and find simpler times. After all, some people prefer living like this. But this show had it wrong.

This cast had a more modern approach to the mountain and solitary life. Jason Hawk has an online store, while Nancy Oas has a cable subscription. This is not something that viewers hopped for.

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9. Hunting Scenes Are Not Real?

Reality shows can portray an activity wrong. However, in this case, the audience is the one that gets frustrated.

So, when watching a show where a hunt occurs, or an alligator is fighting, viewers expect to see the real fighting. However, hunted animals are usually already dead.

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8. Eaten Alive Special

Misleading advertisement is a real thing. Actually, saying one thing and presenting completely different can provoke enormous anger in viewers. This is exactly what Discovery did.

Discovery announced their special Eaten Alive, with Paul Rosolie However, the special was far from the promised title, so the audience went crazy.

NEXT: The special was far from promised

7. Paul Rosolie And Anaconda Attack

Although the Discovery promoted special as Eaten Alive, the truth is that Paul tried to be eaten while having a specially designed suit to help him survive.

Paul tried to be eaten by a 20-foot anaconda and fans felt shocked. No one expected to see a real human being eaten. The crew had to antagonize the snake for a couple of hours, to save Paul. The snake actually started swallowing Paul.

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6. Anaconda Started Eating Paul

As soon as the crew realized that the snake has swallowed Paul’s head they started reacting. Paul said later that he was sure that his arm was going to be broken.

This scene was so agonizing and unexpected that Discovery lost its credibility significantly. Than PETA decided to step in.

NEXT: People decided to protect the animal

5. PETA Against The Discovery

People were angry because Discovery misled them, while PETA voiced bigger concerns. Paul was actually protected with his suit and provoke the animal, while he was the one being saved and get to torment a snake.

The untold truth is that if Paul was eaten alive, the poor animal would have to be killed to save him, right?

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4. Honey Boo Boo Show

TLC (owned by Discovery) has several shows that are surrounded by controversy. That being said, Honey Boo Boow as no expectation.

Although the show was a hit, it had to be canceled. The reason? Mama June began dating a convicted sex offender.

NEXT: June’s daughter was the victim

3. June’s Boyfriend Vs. June’s Daughter

Mama June’s boyfriend, Mark McDaniel, spent a decade in prison for molesting June’s daughter, Anna. She accused him of sexually abusing her in 2002. So, as soon as Mark entered the girl’s life the show was canceled.

Soon after Mark was back in their life, Mam June and McDaniel went separate ways and he issued an apology after their split.

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2. Anne “Chickadee” Cardwell Sued Mama June

Removing Here Comes Boo Boo, didn’t stop family members from finding their way into headlines. The family was in the spotlight once again, after Ann sued Mama June and the network for $201,000.

The family was paid $22,500 per episode, which was meant to be split amongst the children. However, Mama June claimed that she never saw a dime. TLC had no comments.

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1. Chumlee Had Problems As Well

Many simple adore Chumlee from Pawn Stars. People just love his personal approach to the job. However, that laid-back style put him in serious problems back to 2016.

Police found in his house drugs and illegal firearms. He got three years of probation.

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