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After a Lawsuit and Being Underweight Dixie is Finally a Happy and Healthy Pup

Credit : r/hottotrot22

This poor pup was found at rescue center so malnourished that she had no energy at all.

Dixie was originally adopted by a lady who thought Dixie’s high energy was too much for her and ended up taking her to a shelter.

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Yet, a rescue organization gave her for adoption to a new foster family that didn’t care enough to take good care of her. When Dixie’s current owner first saw her, the foster family were claiming they were still trying to put weight on this poor pup. It was a suspicious claim, as this dog was already in their possession for 6 months, and was still so underweight that in her current owner’s words “You could count her ribs”.

Dixie’s rescuer managed to adopt her, but the story doesn’t end here. The mom of the foster family wanted Dixie back and sued dog’s new owners. They didn’t want to back away and fought the lawsuit. They just didn’t believe this dog could be that malnourished if the foster family took good care of her.

It took Dixie 3 months to become a happy, healthy pup she is now.

Credit : r/hottotrot22

In the meantime, the rescue center backed the foster Mom and fought with Dixie’s new owners too. It cost them few hundred dollars to start a lawsuit and changed two different lawyers trying to constrain them into giving her back. What they didn’t know is that the new owner worked in the legal field and wasn’t scared of their threats and accusations. After the rescue center and the foster Mom realized the new owners were ready to go to court, they gave up.

Luckily, the right people found Dixie and were ready to fight for her.

Dixie is a happy dog finally and was even invited to fly with her new owners to Chicago for a TV show.

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