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10 DIY Christmas Gifts You Can Make For Your Dad

Buying gifts for men usually ends up being really complicated unless the male person we’re buying the gift to has a specific hobby or passion that pretty much makes the struggle with looking for presents end. But, most of people, male and female, do not know what to buy to their dad, brother or male friends or relatives.

Fathers, on the other hand, don’t really make it easier as they will rarely tell you what they need, and to your question: “What would you like for Christmas?”, you will probably get: “Nothing, I already have everything I need.”

While that might be true, Christmas is about giving and receiving so you will continue to search for that perfect gift for your dad no matter what he says. And as if choosing the gift he’ll like and use wasn’t difficult enough, this year your budget is also quite tight! And your dad might not be the only person you want to buy a gift to. Oops! What do you do now?

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Well, in case you’re kind of broke this Christmas, you can make some great DIY gifts your dad will surely love! Plus, the fact that you made it with your own hands will definitely increase the value of your present.

Get inspired and make some of these great Christmas gifts!

1. DIY Shaving Cream

Chances are your dad is using a shaving cream everyday, but it is most likely the commercial, regular one, that doesn’t even have a nice scent. Make this natural shaving cream and personalize it with a scent your dad will adore (cedarwood for example).

To make it, read the instructions at Coupons And Freebies Mom.

2. DIY Beard Balm

On the other hand, if your dad has a beard you’ll agree that the shaving cream might not be the best choice for a gift. In that case, making a good, natural beard cream might be the way to go!

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To make this great gift for your bearded dad, follow the instructions on Fireflies And Mudpies.

3. Man Candles

Make these man candles if you need a fast solution! The process is really quick and the reaction is always positive! Who wouldn’t crack up at the “Real scent of a man” candle?

Get a little funny and creative and make this gift by following the tutorial from Lemon Thistle.

4. DIY Car Air Freshener

If your dad drives, this is a great way to surprise him for Christmas. Not only will this air freshener be natural and not harmful when inhaled, but it is also quite a creative gift your dad will likely use.

Want to make it? Jump to Naeh Marie and follow her tutorials.

5. DIY Leather Tablet Case

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Watch out that for this DIY gift you’ll have to use a sewing machine too. If your not familiar with using it you might try making the case with a thinner type of leather and try glueing it instead of sewing it. However, this is a really unique gift that everyone will love (not only your dad).

Follow the instructions at Brit.

6. DIY Knife Block

Is your dad the kind of father that likes to cook? Then he will surely enjoy getting some fancy additions to the kitchen that will make his cooking skills even better and classier. You can actually make this cool knife block by yourself!

Discover the instructions at Bigger Than The Three Of Us.

7. DIY Pallet Coasters

Every home has coasters, right? But most of them are just boring. Make these simple and cute coasters and your dad will think of you each time he drinks his coffee.

Read the tutorial on 1 Dog Woof.

8. DIY Concrete Beverage Cooler


If you have some extra time and patience to make a great gift, then this one is a perfect choice for you. It will be the coolest beverage cooler your dad will ever get! Just, be aware that it will be quite heavy to transport or wrap.

Follow carefully the instructions on Dwelling Happiness

9. DIY “Dad You Rock”

Although this is a kids crafts project, this cute gift will melt your dad’s heart no matter how old you are.

Create this great DIY gift idea by following the tutorial on Doodle And Stitch.

10. DIY Barbeque Sauce

Another cool DIY gifts for all those dads that love to cook! Make this Awesome barbecue sauce that your dad will love! You can also get extra creative on decorating the jar.

The amazing recipe and instructions on how to make it are found on Giggles Galore.

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