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15 DIY Lighting Projects That Will Brighten Your Apartment In 2019

If you ever lived in a rental apartment, or have simply been living in an apartment for too long you might have experienced moments when you just wanted to change something. At times, there’s an urge to create something completely new that would bring a fresh air into your apartment and make you enjoy more your time spent inside your home.

While renewing the apartment entirely is definitely the best way to achieve the look you have always dreamed of, sometimes even the slight changes can make one space look completely different.

One of the best ways to make an apartment brighter is to work with light sources. A good lighting can sometimes make all the difference a space needs in order to look much warmer, cozier and more stylish.

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We’re presenting you the best DIY lighting projects you can do on a budget. Let’s start!

1. Driftwood Lights

The driftwood lights are great for living rooms or dining rooms. They will make your space look modern but with a light touch of rustic elements. The driftwood gives it a warm appearance and takes away the attention from wires. Also, make sure to choose the right kind of light bulbs that would have a nice, yellowish light rather than LED ones that are not so pleasant for the eyes.

See full project on Architecture end Design.

2. Woven Pendant Lamp

These lamps are a huge hit right now! The artist Ana Kras made an entire collection of Bonbon lamps that look just like this. Luckily, making them is very simple. You just have to find the right things to work with, have a little patience, and soon you’ll have your own Bonbon lamps in your very own home.

Check the instructions on Man Made DIY.

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3. Mason Jar Lamps

Mason jars are an infinite inspiration for people that love crafts. You can quickly turn them into just anything that comes to your mind. While you can actually buy this lamp on etsy, you can still make this wonderful lamps in one afternoon only. Just make sure to find a nice wrap that will go well with the colors of your home.

See this video by The Sorry Girls to see how mason jar lights are made.

4. Grater Lights

Have a bar in the kitchen and want to add a bit of a rustic look to your home? Then try making these lamps! Only, for this project, you might need to be a more experienced craftsman as it requires a lot of precision and good measuring. Plus, if you use old graters, it will be a great way to recycle some objects you don’t use anymore.

Discover more on Recyclart.

5. Framed Branch Lights

This one is the right choice for you if you wish to add just a soft light to some special corner of your home. This one might be really easy to make. You’d need some nice branches, of the same size and same thickness, and some Christmas lights.

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You can buy these on Zulily, but if you’re crafty, making a wooden frame and gluing the branches to it might be really easy for you. Add the LED lights and Voila! You got your beautiful frame lamp!

6. Copper Pipe Lamp

If you’re looking for a sleek and modern look, then this DIY project is the right for you. Once you provide everything needed for this lamp, you’ll simply need to follow instructions on the link we’ll share below. This one looks like it just got out of the freshest interior magazine! Your friends will surely go crazy about it.

Thanks, The Gathered Home for sharing this amazing project with us.

7. Twig Round Lamp

Each sleeping room should have some source of soft light that would only slightly expose the room. Having aggressive lights in the sleeping rooms is really not a good idea. So, making this lamp will surely give you the best result. However you make it, your lamp will be completely unique and based on how much light you want to have you can decide how dense you want the twigs to be glued.

Follow the steps to making this great lamp on Balcony Garden Web.

8. Rope Lights

This is a great DIY project for anyone that feels that their apartment looks good, but maybe a little dull. Adding a couple of interesting details to your home might slightly change the overall impression of your flat and make it look more unique. We absolutely fell in love with these rope lights!

Check out how it’s made and what you need in order to make it on A Merry Mishap Blog.

9.Pendant Wooden Lamp

Well, this is just an elegant piece that will give any space a great, classy touch. It can go with any type of interior actually, and will only enhance the apartment’s beauty. It’s very beautiful but still doesn’t take away attention from other important details in your home.

This was inspired by a designer piece, but thanks to Designer Trapped, we now have precise instructions on how to make this stunning lamp!

10. Crochet Rope Lights

This designer piece is made by Johanna Hyrkäs. This photo just took over Pinterest so quickly, but there were few people that actually succeeded in making this crochet on rope lights. This carpet/lamp will be a perfect detail to a living room or your bedroom. If you have a cat, it will most likely be attracted to this beauty!

Thanks to New Leaf Designs from Netherlands, we have the steps on how to make this piece!

11. Rope Dome Pendant

If you want an elegant and tender solution for your home this lamp might be just what you need. If you’re not an experienced DIY master, this one might be difficult for you, but with patience and persistence, we’re sure you’ll make it!

Follow the instructions on Dorsey Designs.

12. Wall Pallet Lamp

This wall pallet lamp is a great way to create a warm atmosphere in just any type of room. It is especially effective if you have some extra space that you don’t know how to use. With a bit of creativity, you can make this lamp even more personalized and paint it with your favorite colors.

Discover how to make it on ID Lights.

13. LED Triangle Lamp

Giving your home a classy touch is easy when you have greatly designed pieces of furniture. But now you can even make one on your own. This LED lamp can be made in the form of a triangle, square or rectangle. It will provide your interior with a nice side source of light that will make it much more appealing.

Thanks to Instructables we can see how this lamp is made. There’s also a video with tutorials.

14. Multibulb Light

Well if you want to add a bit of a dramatic look to your dining room, this one is definitely the piece you’ve been searching for. It will look great with just any palette of colors found in your home, as it’s made of materials that just fit with everything.

Love and Renovations shared this amazing, detailed DIY instructions. If you love DIY projects, you will enjoy making this multibulb light!

15. Boho Lamp

A lot of us know those boring ceiling lights that just don’t look appealing at all. Changing the chandeliers might be the best way to improve the appearance of your hallway and if you like Boho style, this lamp will definitely get you going.

Had something else in mind? Check Heathered Nest and discover all the ideas (as well as the instructions) on how to change your chandelier quickly for a big, noticeable change in your home.

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