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10 DIY Projects That Will Brighten Up Your Room

Growing to be an teenager or an adult always comes with a lot of changes in our personality and behavior. We look for ways to explore our identity and find out who we really are. And one of the things that speak the best about our identity is our home, or if we’re teenagers – our room.

Often, when we want to announce a change in our lives we like to create something, or to transform our style. But sometimes the smallest of changes in your dorm might be enough to make you feel better in your own skin.

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If you feel this urge to change, add, remove or declutter your home, then definitely do so. Your room and your apartment should be the places where you feel your best, so adding details made by your hand will certainly give it a nice, personal touch that will be easily noticed.

Don’t let your room become a boring place and brighten it up with some of these amazing DIY projects you’ll love!

Try some of these DIY projects that will brighten up your room!

Let’s start!

1. DIY Yarn Tassel Bedskirt

When decorating our homes not a lot of us think that your bed could actually be the right place to start! These small details will immediately brighten up your room and give it a new, fresh air.

Try it out by following the instructions at Tater Tots And Jello

2. DIY Chalkboard Wall

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Image Source: Bazant

This is one of the most popular trends in interior design. A Chalkboard wall will not only make your place a lot more sleek and give your room a great contrast, but it is also a very useful thing to have. You can draw on it, paint on it, or even organize your weekly tasks.

Give it a try and follow the instructions at Grillo Designs.

3. DIY Studded Wall Art

Sometimes all your room needs in order to be brighter is a piece of art. Find it a bit expensive to buy designer pieces? Get a bit artsy and craftsy and make this cool wall art. You can play with it and choose colors you like the most!

The tutorial is at Infarrantly Creative.

4. DIY Painted Pillows

Pillows can make all the difference in how your bedroom appears. While most people just end up buying pillow cases just everybody can find at the first store, it is way more creative and unique if you make them by yourself!

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This amazing idea and tutorials are found on Sarah Hearts.

5. DIY Bottle Vases

Decorating with flowers is always a great idea to brighten up your room! But what if you could also bring it to the next level by making your own vases in the colors you need? That’s right, bottle vases are just what you need.

Follow the instructions at Handimania!

6. DIY Faux-Fur Chair Cover

Most of chairs really look quite dull. If you feel it’s about right time your chair gets a makeover (and we bet you do!), try to do this Faux-fur Chair project. You definitely need some skills in order to get perfect results, so invite over your friends that are good at sewing and make your chair shine!

Want to brighten your room once and for all? Check the instructions at A Beautiful Mess.

7. DIY Pompom Rug

Adding a colorful carpet or a rug might not only make your room much brighter, but also a way more comfy. Have a little patience to spend a day or two working on this magical piece?

Jump to the instructions on Handi Mania and start immediately!

8. DIY Washi Tape Corkboard

Corkboards are among most common objects found in bedrooms. They are really useful for organizing our schedules and remembering some of the beautiful moments spent at festivals and concerts. But sometimes they get really dull. Have some washi tape? Make your corkboard shine with a bit of creativity!

Check the proper way to do this makeover at House To Home blog.

9. DIY Unicorn Paper Mache Head

Want to add some magic to your room? Make this awesome unicorn head out of newspaper and your room will soon become Instagram sensation among your friends.

Follow the instructions carefully in order to get the right result at Lil Blue Boo.

10. DIY T-shirt Rug

Have a lot of old T-Shirt you don’t know how to use anymore? Recycle them and make this cool rug that will be a perfect addition to the doorstep of your room. Only clean feet here!

The tutorial is at Hg TV, make sure to follow it correctly!

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