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After Rafael Nadal’s Injury Novak Djokovic Is Back On The Top Of The ATP Ranking

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Tennis is a grueling sport that requires intense training. With the playing surface designed as it is, having sharp reflexes to scan the direction of the ball is important. But even with all the training a person can get, there is no way to prevent a surprise injury from occurring.

In the world of tennis, it is hard to get to the number one spot if you do not already have it. With the 2018 Paris Masters having just started, it is a surprise that the guy with the number one spot is out.

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At the US Open semi-final, Nadal had withdrawn due to a knee injury and hadn’t played a competitive match for almost two months afterward.
Rafael Nadal of Spain had to withdraw from the Paris Masters due to a serious injury. In the past, the Spanish tennis player withdrew before due to a knee injury. This time it was due to an unexpected abdominal injury.

“I felt better than I thought I would one week ago, but in the last few days I started to feel a bit of pain in my abdomen, especially when I was serving.”

“I checked with the doctor and the doctor recommended that I did not play. It has been a tough year for me in terms of injury so I want to avoid drastic things. I have to think long term. I want to keep playing tennis for a couple of years, so I have to do the logical thing.”

With Nadal out with an injury, for the time being, Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic is in the running for the number 1 spot in the Paris Masters. This will be the first time that the 31-year-old athlete has led in the rankings in the last two years.

Djokovic becomes the first player to start the season outside the top 20 and end up top of the ATP rankings since Marat Safin in 2000. No man has ever finished the year at number one in after being in the top 20 in the same year in the 45-year history of the ATP rankings.

Nadal has not announced whether or not he will be back in by season’s end. And with time ticking, Rafael isn’t likely to take back the spot from Djokovic if he can play well enough to keep it.

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