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Dog Jumps Over Everything But When It Comes To Vacuums This Is What Happens

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Dunkin- the dog that flies over everything no matter how tall they are. Except for vacuums. F*** vacuums. from r/aww

This dog seems to have an incredible ability to jump over things no matter how high they are.

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His owner keeps training his jumping skills by making his obstacles more and more difficult. But it doesn’t seem to influence this Dunkin the dog’s confidence.

Even the cat doesn’t distract him at all. He could really be applying for Dog Olympics!

But as soon as the vacuum crosses his way, you can literally see the fear coming out of his expression. We all know our beloved pets are not big fans of the vacuum cleaners, but this dog’s reaction just makes it even more clear. Vacuum cleaners are not friends, they are enemies!

Some owners experience different reactions from their dogs. Some bark, some attack the vacuum, and some just simply ran away as fast as they can. Anyway, it is funny to see how suddenly they lose their bravery and confidence when confronted with this household device.

Nonetheless, some owners have discovered their pets actually enjoy being vacuumed!

Bonus: Dogs Enjoy Being Vacuumed Compilation

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We guess the type of reaction of your pet to the vacuum depends on their character. Or it might depend on how often you use that vacuum cleaner yourself? Anyway, seeing our pets being awkward always makes our days a little brighter.

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