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Family Believed Their Dog Was Missing Until One Day They Got A Call That Changed Everything They Knew

All families bond with their pets. While cat owners will say it might not be true, we still believe that the strongest bond you can have with a pet, is the one with a dog. They are really friendly with kids, and love to play with them which makes them real family companions.

But whenever something bad happens to a family’s beloved dog, all the family members become devastated. As if the pain that our pet goes through, is just too much for us to bear. But sometimes, it happens that your dog runs away or is simply missing, and you don’t even know if he’s alive or not.

That’s what happened to the Robles family from Texas. Their Labrador grew up alongside their children and enjoyed spending time with them. Suddenly, one afternoon, their pup disappeared, leaving the Robles in despair. But, one day, they got a call that will change everything. An

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1. Puppy Love

Icela Robles grew up surrounded with dogs, and knew since she was young that she will have her own puppies as soon as she would start a family.

She loved how her childhood was filled with love thanks to these beautiful creatures. And Iclela swore that her kids would have the same in their childhood. Being a big fan of Labradors, she always imagined her children with a Labrador puppy around to play with.

2. The Labrador Called Lola

In fact, when her son and daughter, Joshua and Jeslyn, were only a couple of months old, Icela brought a puppy to their home. The pup’s name was Lola and as soon as she entered their lives, everyone fell immediately in love with this gentle puppy.

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The kids bonded with Lola the first night. It was a very special bond, as this puppy was so cute and loving. They were all tossing the tennis ball and walking around with her. The puppy was really lucky to find such a family too.

3. A Special Bond

Joshua and Jeslyn were so fascinated with their dog, and played with it so much that they thought of her as more of a sibling than a pet.

Whenever she looked at them, it seemed like she completely understood what the kids were talking about and she was so clever that at times, it seemed that she was also saying things to them. In her own way, of course.

4. The Robles family

The Robles family was really happy to spend so many wonderful moments with their dog. They only separated from her when they had to take long distance flights for holidays which Lola wouldn’t handle well.

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They missed her every step of the way, especially the kids. And the fact that poor Lola wasn’t with them, but at the dog care center, made their young hearts really sad.

5. More Time With Lola

When they came back from their vacation, Lola was more than happy to see them again. So were the Robles, and the kids swore to spend even more time with their beloved pet sibling.

And indeed, they did. They used every free moment to play with Lola, they were goofing around the house with her. Lola was indeed their best friend.

6. Loving Family

Lola was a really healthy and happy dog. She could thank half of it to her good genetics, but the other half is definitely the merit of the family she was living in. Icela took good care of her and never neglected any issue she seemed to have.

The kids also assisted mom in making some nice homemade treats for their beautiful Labrador. And everybody seemed to enjoy their time together. It was a really a story of a perfect family with a daughter, a son and a cute dog. The Robles couldn’t ask for more.

7. Funny Times

Not only kids enjoyed their time with their pooch, but Icela and her husband also loved relaxing next to Lola after their busy work schedules. They would bring her often to long walks, and would take her to their favorite outdoor activities.

Icela loved to fool around with Lola in the house too. Quite often, she would dress her up and crack up from laughter after Lola would simply accept her new styling and look like she was also laughing at the way she was dressed.

8. Almost Perfect

The family almost never experienced issues with their beloved pooch. Lola was such a wonderful and well-behaved creature. And no matter how much love Robles showed her, they weren’t prepared for something that was going to happen.

They couldn’t have predicted it nor prevent it. When the news struck them, they didn’t know what to do. But what happened to this almost perfect dog?

9. A Day They Will Never Forget

It was a summer afternoon, and Joshua and Jeslyn, went out into the backyard to play with Lola. Just the same way they would do everyday. But when they called for her, she was nowhere around.

The kids ran around the property searching for Lola in panic, but they couldn’t find her. After they ran all over the place and realized she wasn’t there, they feared the worst.

10. Hopelessly Looking for Lola

As soon as they realized Lola was missing, the kids ran inside to tell their mom about the sad event. Icela and her husband hopped franticly into their car and looked around every corner of their neighborhood hoping that they will pop up into Lola at some point.

But unluckily, Lola had really disappeared. Even after long hours of looking for her everywhere, they just couldn’t find her. They felt helpless and were sad to come back home without good news for their kids.

11. Sad Family

Joshua and Jeslyn were both devastated to know that even their parents couldn’t find Lola. They turned to everyone and asked all of their neighbors and friends, but no one saw their dog.

They had to accept Lola was gone, but they were always hoping that she would once return back home. But were they hoping for nothing? Soon they will find out.

12. A Year Without Lola

Already 12 months passed and the Robles heard nothing about Lola. They had tons of questions in their minds.They couldn’t stop wondering what happened to their dog.

Has somebody found her? Did another family found her and she’s living with them now? Is she safe? Is she even alive? All those questions that were passing through their heads were impossible to answer, until one morning came.

13. Unexpected Call

On that day, Icela had a phone call from a number she didn’t recognize. She answered the phone and was greeted by an unfamiliar voice. When she heard what it was about she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

On the other end, there was an employee at Dallas Animal Services that had important news to share with her. And luckily the news were great!

14. A Miracle Happened

When the voice on the other end told her they found Lola, Icela’s mouth dropped from awe and she immediately hopped in the car to come to the shelter as soon as possible.

While she was getting there, she could only think about if she was dreaming. Since the moment she got the phone call, it seemed to her that what the shelter employee was telling her couldn’t possibly be true.

15. Long Awaited Encounter

As soon as Icela stepped into the shelter, a familiar face was waiting for her. There was her Lola with her tail furiously wagging. Neither Icela nor Lola could hide their happiness when they saw each other after a whole year has passed.

Icela hugged and kissed her Labrador not wanting to let her go anymore. Lola was apparently excited to meet her owner again after such a long time. But where was she the whole time?

16. Mistery Behind Her Dissapearance

The employees from the shelter said that as soon Lola was brought in, they discovered immediately that she was Robles’ dog. Lola had been microchipped as a puppy, so they just needed to can her microchip in order to know who did she belong to.

However, Icela was still wondering how is it possible that Lola got to the shelter only now. Where was she the whole time? Has someone else taken care of her? But why did he give her back then after a year?

17. Another Surprise

The only answer Icela could get from the shelter is that they assumed that Lola had been staying with another family during these 12 months. What made them think this way is the way Lola looked. She was really well-fed and cared for.

While Icela wasn’t really satisfied with the answers she got, but anyway knowing that her Lola is again with her made her so happy that she didn’t care that much to know them. Now she was only thinking about surprising her kids.

18. A Moment To Remember

Icela called the house to make sure her kids were home, and was trying to hide the big news she was about to reveal. She kept Lola in the back seat so that Joshua and Jeslyn couldn’t see her when she arrived.

As soon as she pulled into the driveway, the kids greeted her, curious to know why their mother was asking if they were home and knew immediately that she wanted to surprise them. But they couldn’t even guess who was sitting on the back seat.

19. The Sweet Reunion

As soon as Icela opened the doors, Lola got out excited to greet her beloved friends. Both of the kids stared in awe as the dog they had grown up with hopped out of the back!

They couldn’t hide their sweet reactions. Jeslyn started crying from emotions, and Joshua couldn’t stop hugging their long-lost family member! They were happy to the core of their little hearts.

20. The Full Robles Family

Even if they lost hope that they will ever see their Lola again, life showed them that miracles still happen. And this time, it happened to them. The kids started celebrating Lola’s return by taking her out for a play session.

They will now continue to share beautiful moments with their newly returned Labrador. Finally, the Robles were a full family again at last. A lot of families never get to see their missing pets again, so they will surely be grateful for being so lucky to have her back again.

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