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5 Powerful Dogman Quotes

Dogman is one of those Italian movies that makes you re-think every single decision that you have ever made in your life, and furthermore to think twice about your future steps. Dogman is all about perfect roles and putting labels on people. Also, it makes you think if a nice guy is a nice guy actually.

The phenomenal performance of Marcello Fonte was crowned with the award for best actor at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

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Dogman is a movie about dog groomer Marcello, living in a poor suburb. During the day he works as a full-time dog groomer and it seems that he really likes his job. Also, he takes care of big dogs, even bigger then he is. Big dogs owners are mostly local thugs.

On a free time Marcello plays football with his friends and builds up his side job – selling cocaine, and it’s a no. #1 reason for his popularity. Side job was ‘a must’ in order to take his daughter on an exotic vacation.

However, this is not a story just about groomers life. It’s an overall look on a way of living. It is a survival of the fittest, no matter the costs. The director shows us how petty criminal schemes are dangerous, and how there is no such thing as ‘petty’ criminal.

Expressive performance keeps you absorbing the story plot and every scene surrounding, connecting you with every character while you are trying to understand them better. The movie shows also in a unique way, what does it take to reach your breaking point and how one can react after that.

However, this hyper-realistic modern tragedy is in its own, extremely frightening.

Marcello stands opposite Simone, locally aggressive and violent thug hooked on cocaine. In some way, Simone is Marcello’s creation as he is affected by Marcello’s side job. Furthermore, they both can be put in ‘dogs shoes’ and in that scenario, Simone would be a big, aggressive and dangerous dog who wants to rule the pack, while Marcello is scared and abused dog who always comes bag to his abusive owner.

Grooming and controlling dogs is not the same as dealing with a human, and in that terms, this movies is worth watching.

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Dogman is truly a story about universal suffering and lost dreams.

That’s why we decided to memorize specific moments that made us think about this movie again and again.

Dogman Quotes:

1. “You heard that chihuahua.
I hate them…he had a burglar alarm in his mouth.
I took it and threw it on the ice.
To ice, but what does it mean?
To the freezer.”

2. “You do not have to think, you have to sign.”

3. “Go away, infamous. You are infamous.”

4. “Everything passes.”

5. “I do not want to see you anymore. Get out. Did not you understand what you did? You were one of us, how did you do such a thing? Are you not ashamed?”

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