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20 Dogs That Can Be Left Alone

If you ever owned a dog you must surely know how much our canine friends love spending time in our company. While cats will also greet you when you step the doorway after a long day of work, dogs will be so excited that they will be jumping around for minutes before finally calming down!

The truth is that dogs are true human companions that crave their owner’s presence, attention and time. If you’re having doubts about adopting a dog because you’re working 8 hours on each workday, then this article is for you. We’re presenting you 20 dog breeds that are likely to tolerate some alone time better than other breeds! Discover which dogs are the right ones for busy people!

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1. Manchester Terrier

At first sight, Manchester Terriers resemble miniature Doberman Pinschers quite a lot. However, they are a unique breed that has been bred for rat killing or rabbit coursing. They are also called Gentleman’s Terrier in England and these dogs are pretty fast!

manchester terrier

Manchester Terriers are friends with terrific personality: they are loyal, friendly, great guard dogs and are quite responsive when it comes to training. These dogs won’t mind if they spend some time (maximum 8 hours) on their own, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t need your attention and some playing time when you arrive home.

2. Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier is an elegant-looking, strong-willed working dog. This breed was developed to hunt small animals and birds, as well as herd cattle and sheep. He is very loyal to his family, and he does great with children too.

kerry blue terrier

While he will be fine when left home, he needs an owner with a firm hand. He will rarely cry, bark and howl when you leave for work, but he will need some more attention when you come back (especially in young age).

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3. Welsh Corgi

Apart from being cute, funny and royal dogs, Welsh Corgis are also greatly suited for people that work 8 hours a day. They will also be quite easy to train, so you’ll be able to train your Corgi to do a lot of different commands and tricks.

welsh corgi

There are two Corgi dog breeds: Pembroke and Cardigan. Both of them were bred in Wales for driving cattle to market and both breeds tolerate being alone better than most other breeds out there. But what if you were looking for a large dog breed that handles well some alone time?

4. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

If you’re looking for a large-sized dog that won’t be stressed when you leave, then Caucasian Shepherd Dog might be the right kind for you. These dogs are great guardians that were actually bred in order to take care of flocks and defend the home from wild predators.

They are also known as Russian Bear Dogs and are very intelligent, independent and stubborn. Which means two things: he will likely enjoy having some alone time to observe and protect his territory, but training him might sometimes be difficult. However, if you’re first-time-owner Caucasian Shepherd dogs might not be the right choice for you.

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5. Bracco Italiano

Bracco Italiano, also known as Italian pointer, is a hunting dog breed that has shown to be a great family dog that loves spending time with his people. Some people believe that this Italian dog has been around from ancient times, dating back to the fourth or fifth century B.C.

bracco italiano italian pointer

This dog of distinctive looks and beautiful features will be a great dog for outdoorsy people that will provide him with plenty of activities throughout the week. He is very friendly and has a calm personality. Training him won’t be difficult if you have a soft, gentle approach. However, he won’t mind too much having some alone time to relax at home.

6. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are hunting breeds that are quite easy-going when it comes to staying at home. It seems that hunting breeds and herding breeds are the ones that are best at tolerating alone time. Basset Hounds can be both very active and couch potatoes at the same time. So if you want to bring him for a hike, he’ll love it.

basset hound

But also, if you want to go out by yourself every now and then, he won’t bother staying home alone as much as other dog breeds that are more prone to having separation anxiety. But if you’re looking for a toy breed this still might not be the best choice for you! Continue reading to find out what are other dogs that are suitable for fulltime working schedules.

7. Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier is very popular for its small size and a funny resemblance to the Boxer. They are intelligent, comical and quite energetic. So don’t get fooled by this dog’s size, they love to run as much as their bigger canine friends.

boston terrier

But there’s another reason why these dogs are getting more and more popular. Unlike most small breeds, they do pretty well when spending some time alone. If you leave some toys around he can play with while you’re gone, he might not even realize that you aren’t around.

8. Dachshund

Dachshunds are very confident and intelligent dogs that do amazingly as companion dogs. These comical dogs were bred in order to dig and hunt on badgers and other small animals. But because of being so smart, sometimes these dogs get stubborn too and can be difficult to train.

However, independent and smart dogs also do well while they are left home alone. Provide some toys and enough water/food supply, and they will be just fine. So, if you’re looking for a dog that does great with people and children, but won’t suffer from separation anxiety while you’re gone for work – Dachshunds might be what you’re looking for.

9. Scottish Terrier

You might know The Scottish Terrier for his role of the loyal friend of Lady from Disney’s movie Lady and the Tramp. Just like many other breeds found on this list, Scottish terriers were also bred to hunt badgers and foxes.

They are quite aloof, so you might even have episodes where your Scottish Terrier is simply avoiding you for no particular reason. This works great for all dog owners that work 8-hour jobs. But there are other dogs that tolerate alone times much better!

10. Goldador

While its parent breeds are known to be great family dogs, they still aren’t really great at handling alone time. Magically Goldador, the cross of the Golden Retriever and a Labrador Retriever, turned out to be everything that a person with a busy working schedule should look for.

Not only will they find a good way to spend their alone time, but they are also quick-learners, amazing companions and dogs of quite an easygoing personality. If you want to make his time a bit more fun while you’re away, provide him with some toys!

11. Labradoodle

Another Labrador Retriever crossbreed on this list, only that in this case Labs are crossed with the most intelligent dog breed out there – poodles. They will do more than fine when their owners are away from home.

But there’s another trait people really appreciate in this breeds and it’s their hypoallergenic coat. Labradoodles are also very friendly toward people and are quite intelligent. However, they are very intelligent without being stubborn, so training them comes much more easily than in other breeds.

12. Small Munsterlander Pointer

Small Munsterlander Pointers are not small dogs at all but are actually of medium size. Similarly to other breeds on this list, they were also bred for hunting small animals.

A Small Munsterlander Pointer will do well if left alone for long hours, but he will, however, require quite a lot of exercise. He’s also known as a quick-learner that will easily pick up on your commands. If you want to be sure your pointer is really busy while you’re at work, make sure you buy him a lot of toys he can play with!

13. English Foxhound

English Foxhounds were bred (just what their name tells you) for hunting foxes. Therefore these dogs are strong, energetic and very smart. If you’re an outdoorsy person looking for a great canine companion for jogging, running or even horseback riding, English Foxhounds are a great choice for you.

Being so intelligent they will easily pick up on new commands, and they will also know how to entertain themselves while you’re not around. However, you will have to make sure your English Foxhound gets enough of daily exercise, and he will be a calm and happy dog when you’re there and when you’re away.

14. Basenji

These dogs were bred to hunt rats and exterminate their nests. Today, they are also known as barkless dogs. Basenjis are very active, independent and curious dogs that enjoy spending their time both around their owner and by their own.

Being so curious, they will dedicate themselves to explore new things and invent new ways of making his alone time as fun as possible. Want a medium-sized, active dog that does well even when you’re away? The barkless Basenji might be just what you’re looking for.

15. Chinese Shar-Pei

Shar-Pei dogs aren’t just very unique in their looks but they are also among the top 5 dog breeds for tolerating some alone time. Although they are a wonderful companion of their owners, they can sometimes be aloof due to their independent spirit.

Chinese Shar-Pei dog is also a very smart one, so don’t be surprised if he gets all stubborn in the middle of training. If you’ve always wanted this beautiful dog of a purple tongue, but you were worried about how to combine owning a dog and your fulltime job, you won’t regret going for the Shar-Pei!

16. Lhasa Apso

If you want a small dog breed that kind of looks like Maltese or Bichon, but can do well when left alone, then Lhasa Apso is what you’re looking for. These dogs don’t only handle well some alone time, but they have a pretty strong and dominant character too.

They will act as guard dogs despite not being as large as guard dogs usually tend to be. So, rather than squealing and crying while you’re not around, they will most likely work in order to make sure no one is trying to invade your home!

17. Otterhound

Otterhound is an ancient English breed that is very hard to find today. In fact, these dogs were bred more than 5 centuries ago. However, these dogs that were bred as otter hunters, have soft personalities that no one can resist.

Otterhounds will do great with kids as they are quite friendly and careful. They are very independent and intelligent, which means that they won’t be stressed when you leave. They will take their alone time, have some rest or even find something interesting to do. But what are the top three dogs when it comes to handling alone time?

3. Shiba Inu

The third dog breed that is most likely to enjoy his alone time without crying or howling for its owner is the wonderful Shiba Inu. Being so strong-willed, intelligent and stubborn, these dogs will be capable of learning a lot of things and will handle the time spent without his owner much better than other dog breeds.

However, cute Shiba Inus need an adequate training approach that is far from conventional. These amazing dogs will fill you with joy, enjoy sharing some cuddly moments with you without being too needy for your time and attention.

2. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer stands at the second place on the list of the dogs that tolerate being alone better than others. They are very affectionate and quite energetic for such a small dog.

If you’re worried about leaving your Mini Schnauzer at home, do not! They will find something to keep their minds busy (if you want to be 100% sure provide them with some toys). However, if you challenge your mini schnauzer mentally and physically they will stay healthy and well-tempered. But which dog breed is the absolute best when it comes to handling some time alone?

1. Chow Chow

The breed that is the most independent and tolerant of alone time out of all is Chow Chow! Not only are they very independent and smart, but they can sometimes be quite aloof and have moments of quite “arrogant” behavior.

Not being a very cuddly dog, he won’t be needing a lot of your attention (they are pretty aware of their fluffy cuteness). But, don’t worry, they will find their own way of displaying affection toward you!

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