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Biography Doreen Lioy – Bio, Career, Love Life And Net Worth

Who Is Doreen Lioy?

Doreen Lioy is an American Magazine editor famous as the wife of Richard Ramirez, who was an American killer, burglar, and rapist.

Although her birth date is unknown, Lioy was born in Burbank, California, USA. Her ex, Ramirez was known for the home assault crime spree between 1984 and 1985.

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Lioy’s marriage to Ramirez got a lot of media attention over the years. Besides, she did a documentary titled ‘THS Investigates: Love Behind Bars.’

Family, Early Life, School Nationality

Born in Burbank, California, US, Lioy is an American by nationality and has a mixed ethnical background.

She spent her childhood days in Burbank alongside her family. Lioy also schooled in her hometown, Burbank.

No info about her parents, siblings, or schools she attended is known. She had a successful career until she met Ramirez, her infamous spouse.

Although she got a lot of public support from individuals who treasured her bravery as a journalist, Lioy claimed that her family members disowned her for marrying a criminal on death row.


Doreen Lioy’s works as a professional magazine editor. She has also worked in a TV documentary titled THS Investigates: Love Behind Bars. 

Also, Lioy presents herself as an author having written the biography of Richard Ramirez: The Night Stalker. Other than these, there is no additional detail about her profession.

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Net Worth And Salary

The net worth of Doreen Lioy is still being reviewed, but her net worth is approximated to be millions being that she has worked as a magazine editor.

According to some online sources, a magazine editor in America earns an average salary of $53,500 annually. The details of Lioy’s cars, house or other property are hidden.

Relationship And Marriage

Doreen Lioy fell in love with and got married to Richard Ramirez, a criminal convicted of many crimes counting thirteen murders and eleven sexual assaults.

Infamously dubbed the ‘Night Stalker,’ Ramirez was one of the most wanted criminals in the 80’s and later passed on in 2013.

There is no information regarding the famed stalker and murderer of where or how they met, but it’s more likely they met after Ramirez was imprisoned. Sources have it that Lioy wrote approximately 75 love letters to him as he served his jail term, and later they hooked up in San Francisco prison.

During his trials, the fans of Lioy’s husband wrote letters and visited him. Later in 1988, Ramirez proposed to her, and they got married on the 3rd day of October 1996 in California’s San Quentin State Prison.

Following their marriage, Lioy got disowned by her own family. The Los Angeles Times published a report at that time describing Lioy “as a journalist who first saw Ramirez on TV and claimed she could see his vulnerability.”

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In the report, Christopher Goffard, the writer further stated that Lioy used to visit her husband four or more times every week and was always among the people in the visiting line.

She never cared or got bothered by what people would say about her choice.

Similarly, no information exists regarding where Doreen Lioy stays. She seems to be living a private life.

During her CNN interview on her relationship with Ramirez, she indicated that she had no close family members, friends or relatives following that she was disowned for her relationship with a prisoner.

Richards’ Last Crimes and His Death

In 2010, Richard Ramirez was reported to have had a direct link to the rape and murder of a nine years’ old girl. After that, none ever came to visit him in prison, and they also got separated.

On 7th June 2013, Ramirez died due to natural causes secondary to B-cell lymphoma. During that time, he was admitted at Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae, California.

Other sources reported that Ramirez was suffering from chronic substance abuse as well as chronic hepatitis C viral infection.

When he died, nobody claimed his body, and he had to be cremated. Doreen Lioy had already ended her relationship with him, and there was no one of his sides. Moreover, Lioy also disappeared from the limelight.

Where Is Doreen Lioy Nowadays? 

Lioy has suddenly vanished from the limelight, and since then there is no info about her current whereabouts.

Doreen is maybe single or in love, but she is definitely living a low-key life. She is less active on social media, making it hard to know more about her current activities.

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