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This 28-Pound Cat Found A New Owner That Will Have To Put Him On A Strict Diet

There is a debate on how deeply animals bond with humans. Some feel that pets are just that, pets. Others may think of them as their children and spoil them rotten. The problem with spoiling an animal is that it may sometimes involve food. Feeding them too much might have unexpected side effects.

The cat formerly known as Doughnut was a whopping 28 pounds at the beginning of his story. When he was first brought to the Jacksonville Humane Society, it was believed that he was about 38 lbs, but his exact weight was 28.6 lbs.

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Because being so heavy is stressful on a cat’s joints and lungs, and despite the fluff making the cat adorable, the staff at the Humane Society had to put Doughnut on a strict diet and schedule.

The Jacksonville Humane Society reached out to the community looking for anyone who would be attentive to Doughnut’s health and needs. And the fluffy had was lucky enough to catch a family’s eye.

The family that took him in was more than happy to help the big guy lose weight to improve his quality of life. He got to come into his forever home with the new name Ziggy.

His new mom said about making him part of the family, “I feel so lucky that we were able to bring him home. He’s the sweetest boy.”

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Diets like Ziggy’s are extremely important for a pet’s health. You cannot feed your cat too much food or they’ll find it hard to just be a cat. Heavy cats have a lot of health problems and are guaranteed to have shorter lifespans because of how hard their heart is working.

Don’t spoil your feline friends with either dry or wet food, but give them a reasonable amount of each to ensure that they are in the best of health.

And remember, Adopt. Don’t shop.

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