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Reasons Why You Should Drink Water In The Morning

Water is an amazing liquid that we often do not give enough credit to. It is the base for many of our drinks. In the country of Japan, drinking water in the morning is part of most citizens’ routines. Rumors say that drinking it on a regular schedule has multiple benefits.

With our bodies being more than 50% water, it stands to reason that drinking it should be of great importance.

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Here’s a list of health benefits gained from drinking water first thing in the morning:

1. Rehydrate

When you wake up first thing in the morning, do you ever notice having a bit of a dry mouth? This is because your body naturally dehydrates while you sleep (especially if you’re prone to sweating like me).

Just as you need to fill the gas tank of your car, you need to recover the water you lost during the night. Forego that coffee which will ensure you get further dehydrated and choose a glass of water.

You’ll feel very refreshed, have more energy for your morning tasks, and your overall health will improve. And you’ll also be happier and in a better mood throughout the day.

2. Increase Alertness

If you have ever felt absolutely dead tired and your muscles were so fatigued they twitched, the problem is likely dehydration. The first thing you eat or drink in the morning may not agree with your body and have results you didn’t expect.

Drinking water first thing in the morning will prime your body for the day. You will feel far more alert and your energy levels won’t be so low.

According to scientific study, water stimulates fast growth of blood cells resulting in more oxygenated blood. Those two factors combined are what give you the natural boost.

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3. Fuel Your Brain

With our brain being over 70% water, it is really important that hydration is taken seriously. Drinking water regularly will help your brain operate at peak performance. Improper hydration can lead to things like fatigue, changes in mood, and a feeling of being completely drained.

Less water in your system may also affect how good your memory is and how well your gray matter functions. The higher the level your brain performs at the more efficient you’ll be.

4. Fire Up Metabolism

If you are familiar with bariatric surgery (weight-loss) surgery, then you know how much doctors stress hydration. Whether you are having surgery or going on runs and lifting weights, water is an important tool in the weight-loss arsenal.

Alarms are usually set to wake you up at a specific time. You can do the same for your metabolism with your first drink of water in the morning. It can also help you burn more calories throughout the day than if you went without.

One’s hunger can be a sign of thirst and it is often satisfied after an individual drinks some water. You’ll rehydrate and prevent yourself from ingesting unnecessary calories.

5. Flush Toxins

Having one or two glasses of water in the morning should be enough to flush your system of the night’s accumulated toxins. Drinking it will help regulate your bowel movements, often relieving constipation that many feel when they first wake up.

Regulating your bowels will lessen the likelihood of being ‘impacted.’ Impaction refers to one’s intestines backing up to the point they’re painfully constipated. Speaking from personal experience, water has helped prevent it from happening more than once.

According to Atlanta-based dermatologist Kenneth Ellner, “Your kidneys do an amazing job of cleansing and ridding your body of toxins as long as your intake of fluids is adequate.”

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6. Fight Sickness and Boost Immunity

Drinking water in the morning is a great way to balance your immune system. You’ll decrease your chances of falling ill and you will stave off many of the viruses responsible for illnesses.

With a boosted immune system, you can fight off a number of diseases and even prevent many others.

7. Improve Skin

While water helps to flush out our accumulated toxins, drinking it in the morning also help to maintain a healthy, radiant glow to the skin. Dehydration is often responsible for the wrinkles that people get over time.

In order to reduce your chance of wrinkles and gain a healthy glow, begin your day by rehydrating. A sustained blood flow triggered by the water will help keep your skin glowing.

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