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Latest Study Shows That ‘Drinking One Glass Of Wine’ May Actually Shorten Your Life

The way in which people watch their health is very different from each other. While one may go to the doctor to get prescribed medication for an ailment, another will treat an ailment with something that they ‘had heard of.’

When it comes to the belief that drinking wine is good for heart health, it is true. The way people have been doing it, though, may be shortening their lifespan.

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The belief is that drinking a single glass of wine a day will help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. While there is evidence to support this, a new study shows that many people may be greatly endangering their health.

Doctors at the Washington State School of Medicine analyzed data gathered from over 400,000 adults, finding that their life expectancy was significantly lowered by 20 percent. The safest way they found to consume alcohol was to limit oneself to one or two drinks a day at four days a week. And with age, the likelihood of death caused by overconsumption only increases exponentially.

In the UK, adults are recommended to drink no more than 175ml of wine or beer per week. That’s about a single beer at 4% alcohol by volume. At that strength, many people choose to simply ‘kill’ a six-pack of their drink of choice by themselves.

Some medical professionals suggest completely abstaining from even the occasional drink is the only way to ensure safety.

Not everyone may adhere to the guidelines and no one is forced to follow them, but everyone should take the information seriously. The overconsumption of alcohol can lead to many more health issues such as liver cirrhosis, kidney failure, or even brain damage and dementia.
If there is even a hint that drinking alcohol is affecting your health, it should stop immediately.

Your life is not worth a little buzz.

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