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This Recent Drone Footage Reveals The Friendship Between Whales And Dolphins

When imagining animal interaction we often think about predators hunting their prey, cats running away from dogs etc. But what a recent drone footage shot revealed left the Internet speechless and emotional.

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Each year in late autumn, southern right whales begin one of the longest migratory routes of any mammal on Earth. They migrate around 5000 kilometers from the chilly waters of Antarctic to the warm Australian coast.

One of these special whales wanted to have a break on his long journey and have a little bit of fun with the pod of friendly dolphins.

This amazing shot shows the inter-species friendship between dolphins and whales while they’re playfully swimming in the water.

Although similar interactions have been documented before as well, this unique footage reveals clearly the harmony these species are living in.

These inspiring interactions between our sea mammals show us how it is more possible for two different species to coexist without aggression. Everything in this drone video makes us just enjoy the serenity of the clear waters and the loving friendship of these peaceful animals.

Nature always has a message for us if we want to see it. And this incredible footage is a great reminder to accept all our differences and finally say yes to the harmony that lays in all of us.

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